Democrat makes sexist comment about Kellyanne Conway, Nancy Pelosi refuses to condemn him

It must be all that Botox, or maybe Selective Outrage Syndrome?

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Sunday refused to condemn Democratic Rep. Cedric Richmond’s sexist attack on White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

Richmond, referring to a picture of Conway kneeling on the Oval Office couch while taking pictures for the presidents of historically black colleges, said the White House staffer “looked familiar” in that position–a sexually charged joke that even Chelsea Clinton called “despicable.” Pelosi, however, refused to condemn the attack when pressed by Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“Leader Pelosi, the joke was sexist, it was disgusting. Shouldn’t the congressman apologize to Kellyanne Conway? And, honestly, where is the Democratic Party in expressing outrage about this?” Tapper asked.

“I wasn’t at the dinner. I’m just finding out about this. The fact is, I’m still in sort of a state of ‘What is going on here?’ that the person who occupies the White House is a person who was on that Hollywood video, that said the crude things he says about women,” Pelosi dodged. “You all are criticizing Cedric for something he said in the course of the evening — and he maybe should be criticized for that, I just don’t know the particulars.

She sounds like a babbling idiot. Which is to say she sounds like herself. The fact is Conservative women are not protected by the Left because the Left despises women who refuse to “know their place”. Pelosi is part of that misogynist mindset frankly. 

One thought on “Democrat makes sexist comment about Kellyanne Conway, Nancy Pelosi refuses to condemn him”

  1. Let this be your catalyst to Seventh-Heaven:

    ‘The more you shall honor Me,
    the more I shall bless you’
    -the Infant Jesus of Prague
    (<- Czech Republic, next to Russia)

    Love him or leave him or indifferent…
    better lissen to the Don:

    If you deny o'er-the-Hillary's evil,
    which most whorizontal demokrakkrs do,
    you cannot deny Hellfire
    which YOU send YOURSELF to.

    Yes, earthling, I was an NDE:
    the sights were beyond extreme.
    Choose Jesus.
    You'll be most happy you did.
    God bless your indelible soul.

    Google+: kold_kadavr _flatliner

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