The Democrats mask is off

And the face which has been revealed is grotesque

Matt Walsh helps us find an answer to the earlier question, What Kind of Moonbats Would Not Honor Ryan and Carryn Owens?

It wasn’t just the refusal of Democrat pols to offer more than the bare minimal respect for a fallen hero and his widow during the historic address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday night. Normally, both sides applaud at State of the Union type speeches when the speaker has said something all sane people can agree on. Not this time:

Democrats remained seated with their hands in their laps even as Trump uttered the most non-controversial and universal of sentiments. They refused to applaud when Trump said we should put Americans first. The refused to applaud when Trump talked about fighting drug addiction in the inner city and corruption in Washington. They refused to applaud when Trump discussed the need to make sure certain blue-collar Americans, like coal miners, still have jobs. They refused to applaud Trump’s vow to fight Islamic terrorism. They refused to applaud when Trump movingly stated that “we all salute the same flag and are made by the same God.” When the president highlighted the victims of illegal immigrant crime, many Democrats let out audible groans of disgust. And, most shameful of all, a number of top Democrats refused to stand and clap as the president honored the widow of a fallen Navy SEAL. …

If we were to judge their positions by the things they declined to applaud, we must arrive at the conclusion that Democrats are staunchly opposed to the flag, God, the law, job creation, and military widows, and enthusiastically in favor of drug addiction, terrorism, crime, unemployment, and murder.

Go read the rest. It is sobering, and disturbing. The sad fact is this, the modern-day Democratic Party has devolved into a faction that literally detests everything that defines America. For those that would disagree consider that the Democrats oppose the right to speak freely, worship as we choose, defend ourselves and pretty much everything that defines our nation. And yes, that includes our sovereignty. I first wrote years ago that the Democrats believed much more staunchly in the Communist manifesto that our Constitution. Sadly, there really is no longer any argument against that view is there? The masks have slipped off. The Left’s values are much more aligned with Marx, Engels, Trotsky, Lenin, and Stalin than with Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Washington, or Mason.

If I were to offer just one glimpse of the true face of  the Left it would be this one. As the widow of a slain Navy SEAL was applauded for her sacrifice, and her husbands ultimate sacrifice. This was the response of two of the most despicable Democrats, Rep. Keith Ellison, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Please allow me to be clear, I am not questioning their patriotism, for, they have none!


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