Is it me, or should we just let kids be kids?

Call me old-fashioned, or normal, or sane, but I gotta think a two-year-old has no idea about gender identityBut, of course, letting kids just be kids must not stand in the way of Progressivism. After all, social justice is more important than individuals, even toddlers, right Jen Aulwes? 

Last spring, when I heard Donald Trump say that Caitlyn Jenner could use whatever bathroom she wanted at Trump Tower, I breathed a sigh of relief. There weren’t many things Trump and I agreed on, but this was one. Surely, I hoped, if he became president, he would extend the same courtesy to my 7-year-old daughter, Henry.

That hope was destroyed Wednesday night, when Trump’s administration rescinded the federal order that protects kids in public schools so they can use the bathroom that fits their gender identity. We had told Henry that she could use whatever bathroom she wanted because the president said so. Well, the former president said so. The new president said no.

Ok, ok, let me pause here to explain, again, that the policies of Trump Towers has nothing to do with Trump’s reversal of Obama’s Social Justice Restroom nonsense. A business, any business is perfectly free to have whatever restroom policy they desire, that is as it should be. In fact, all the move by the president did was to allow the individual states to make their own decision as to their schools, state buildings, etc. Frankly, this is not an issue for the federal government to be involved in. If it were the founders would have addressed it in our Constitution. President Trump did not roll back any “rights”. He simply got the federal government out of an area it had no place. No “hope” was destroyed. If Jen Aulwes is so concerned then she should take the issue up with her home state, Minnesota. But, drama queens gonna DRAMA! But back to her social engineering mom act first.

The first time we knew that Henry was different, she was 2. When she found her cousin’s Barbie doll, she lit up like a Christmas tree. “The hair, Mama,” she cooed. “Look at her looong hair!” Henry continued to show us, in every way she could, that she wanted to live as a girl. This was new territory. What do you say when your 3-year-old boy asks to be Rapunzel for Halloween? In our house, you say yes. So began a long journey: Elsa socks one day. A sparkly shirt the next. Soon, she was growing her hair out and loving nail polish and tutus.

Two? Two-years-old? At two Jen Aulwes “knew” her son, Henry was “different” because he played with a Barbie Doll? I know this about small children, they have incredible imaginations. Watching my niece grow up has been a great blessing and learning experience for me. She is seven. At two, and at all ages, I have bought her dolls, action figures, Hot Wheels cars, and clothes of all sorts. She has worn plenty of T-shirts emblazoned with Ninja Turtles, Elsa, wolves, dinosaurs, Doc McStuffins, bunnies, and so on. And you know what I think when she plays with Hot Wheels, pretending they are Ninja Turtles, or with Breyer horses, or when she combines several playsets, or pretends to be a wolf? I think she is a child, being a child! Nothing more, because kids are kids. She is not “trans-species” because she pretends to be a wolf, or a boy trapped in a girls body when she is pretending to be Leonardo of the Ninja Turtles. She is a kid! For God’s sake can’t we just let them be kids?

Like I said, Jen Aulwes “knew” her son was “different” when he was two. I have to wonder if she did not push her son towards being a girl, rather than just letting him be two, them three, then four, and so on I know some will call me insensitive, but I get angry when people try to push their political agendas on to small children. Again, let them be kids. But, Jen Aulwes semingly put social justice before her child

By this point, it was clear to everyone who knew Henry that she had no interest, or comfort, in being a boy. She was a little girl and determined to live as one. She had no political agenda; she was 5. She had no idea that there were political agendas concerned with who she was. She only knew that she had to be who she was.

Yes, at five, kids are “determined” to live as a boy, or a girl. To be honest, I believe five-year-olds are set on how they want to live their lives. But, again, what is the big deal about using little kids as pawns to further social justice? Certainly leftism has shown itself to be an ideology that has no issues with destroying individuals for the “greater good”. I mean that Leftist Utopian Omelette ain’t gonna get made without some broken eggs right?

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