Not Breaking News: Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft is still a lying bottom feeder.

Oh that Jim Hoft, he is quite the basket case. He supported Trump during the campaign, which is fine. I was not a Trump fan, which is fine. What was not fine with me was Hofts lies about Ted Cruz, and others and how he posted bogus stories. In short, I was struck and sickened frankly, by Hoft’s departure from credibility and reality. Sadly, Hoft has not moved on since Trump won the nomination and presidency. His guy won, a fact of which I am glad, and, I will say I am pleased with much of what our president has done. And I am hopeful that he will continue standing up to the Left. Further, I will continue to do whatever I can to defend the president from the fake news stories, a biased media, and the Left, which is intent on delegitimizing Trump. Hoft, however, is still in attack mode against “Never Trumpers”! I think Hoft sees them around every corner, and maybe even under his bed. Perhaps he has to sleep with an Info Wars night light on. And if he has to lie to smear anyone who does not dance to his tune, well, what are principles like truthfulness right Jim Hoft?

Take this post Hoft has put up

And just as we assumed — CPAC loaded the roster with committed #NeverTrumpers and ignored the grassroots supporters and websites that got Republican President Donald Trump Elected.

This year CPAC ignored many of the top Trump supporters who helped get him elected.
These top election influencers will not be speaking at CPAC despite their work to get Trump elected.

–Gavin McInnes
–Mike Cernovich
–Milo Yiannopoulos
–Stefan Molyneux
–Bill Mitchell
–Paul Joseph Watson
–Jack Posobiec
–Matt Drudge
–Gateway Pundit
–Ann Coulter? (if she is speaking she is not listed)

Oh no, someone has the sads. Some wanted to be invited to speak I mean look at who CPAC left out. Look, some of those I would have invited, and NO, Infowars would NOT have been on that list. Good Freaking grief!

Hoft has a point. Soe folks who are not so famous, or well know  ought to be invited to speak. But the truth is, Hoft gives the impression that CPAC only invited those who opposed Trump, which is not true. Here is the list Hoft provides of “Never Trumpers” that are going to speak

Katie Pavlich
Dana Loesch
Ted Cruz
Carly Fiorina
Michael Reagan
Mark Levin

Pavlich is a great Conservative, as is Dana Loesch, who also said Republicans should vote for the eventual nominee no matter who it was. Why would CPAC not invite them? Oh wait, because they supported people other than Trump! And Hoft, the little Totalitarian would ex-communicate them!

By the way, Cruz endorsed Trump, as did Fiorina and Levin before the election. Why does Hoft insist on misleading people and smearing the “Never Trumpers”? The election is over, you can stop the character assassinations now Jimmy. Many of the “Never Trumpers” you bash are now defending Trump against the media and the political left

And, if Hoft bothered to be truthful, yeah, like that matters to him, he would note how many pro-Trump people ARE speaking at CPAC

Dr. Gina Loudon

Sheriff David Clarke

Vice-President Mike Pence

John Bolton, who may be the new National Security Advisor (I hope he will frankly)

Lou Dobbs

You can peruse the entire list for yourself. Certainly, the time for the rhetoric Hoft is spewing is over. There is a place for bitter, angry, petulant people. It is the Democratic Party. Trump himself has shown a spirit of unity, and leadership. I would say he is winning over many Conservatives. And, yes, that includes myself. Perhaps Hoft should learn from President Trump?

One thought on “Not Breaking News: Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft is still a lying bottom feeder.”

  1. its a freaking conference that 99.99999% of people who agree with much of what is said will not hear or give a rats behind what is said. VP Pence, Sheriff Clark, these are folks I like but I know what they will say and SO THE F WHAT? Action is what is needed, anyone can talk, its called cable news.

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