The Left is insane, incoherent and incompatible with liberty

The Left has been losing elections on state levels since 2012. Largely because their big government, big taxes approach to governance has been deemed unacceptable by most American voters. In 2016, the Left was convinced it would elect Hillary Clinton, after all it was “her turn”, and take back control of the United States Senate. They were ecstatic, thinking that the “social justice” work of President Obama would roll on. But then, something happened. Tens of millions of Americans said, in a very clear voice, enough is enough! Hillary went down to defeat, the Senate stayed Republican, and a president was elected that does not shy away from a fight. The Left started to go Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, but then, President Trump took office and they dove headlong into the Pit of Batshit Crazy. Then, it got really scary for the Left. The new president started keeping his campaign promises. Conservatives were pleased, and the Left? Well, they went completely nuts.

Now, their true colors are showing. After their tried and true Race card failed, and their usual rhetoric about sexism failed, they gave in to their true nature. And now, America is seeing just how depraved the Left truly is. They are not just intense on their ideology, they are savage and fanatical. Consider the riots, yes, riots, not protests, riots. Consider the rhetoric, the meltdowns we are seeing. The Left is putting on a carnival of extremism. The Other McCain has some useful thoughts on just how deep in the Pit of Crazy the Left has dug now that they see the “fundamental changing of America” threatened

Thursday night, there was a near-riot at New York University when self-declared “anti-fascists” disrupted an event with Gavin McInnes hosted by the College Republicans. Although it was not as violent as the riot Wednesday in Berkeley that shut down Milo Yiannopoulos’s speech, the NYU event highlighted just how extreme the Left has become.

First, Gavin McInnes is not actually a “right-wing” figure, and he certainly is not a “fascist” in any meaningful sense of that word. He was co-founder of Vice magazine and is known as the “Godfather of Hipsterdom.” He is a comedian, really, a sort of “shock jock” a la Howard Stern, who appeals to a fan base of mostly Gen-X and Millennial guys. McInnes is a libertarian who despises political correctness. The idea that protesting his appearance at NYU was “anti-fascism” is absurd, reminiscent of George Orwell’s quote from Politics and the English Language, “The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies ‘something not desirable’.” Yet the fact that the accusation is absurd does not make it any less dangerous, because if people act as if it were true, what might they do to the person falsely labeled “fascist”? And what happens to our political discourse if substantial arguments can be disqualified by this kind of pejorative labeling? So even if you don’t like Gavin McInnes, the fact that self-described “anti-fascists” are attacking him is cause for alarm.

Amen! Shutting down debate has been a goal of the Left forever. Slowly, but surely they have been accomplishing that goal through intimidation, and accusations of RAAAAACISM, or Sexism, or Homophobia, etc. Now, though, there is serious pushback against them, and they are allowing the truly radical nature of Marxism to show. As McCain explains, these “protests” are organized by Marxist-Leninists. Radicalism anyone?

Second, these protests were organized by Marxist-Leninist radicals. The pre-printed signs with slogans like “Smash Fascism & White Supremacy” were supplied by the Workers World Party, a notorious neo-Stalinist cult. These people are advocates of totalitarianism, and their presence in the anti-McInnes mob was not coincidental. One of the lessons of the 1960s, is that radical movements must either exclude Communists or else they will be controlled by Communists. The story of how the SDS was taken over and destroyed by Marxist revolutionaries, giving rise to the terrorist Weather Underground, is sufficient proof of this rule. (See David Horowitz, Radical Son, also Destructive Generation, by Horowitz and Peter Collier.) Communism is “The Worst Idea in the World,” and whenever I see Commie protesters, it makes me nostalgic for Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan, a man who knew how to deal with them effectively.

Third, the problems in academia are exacerbated by the kind of faculty Roger Kimball identified as Tenured Radicals. There was a woman who said she is a professor (although she has not yet been identified) who made a spectacle of herself during the NYU mob scene, screaming at the police: “How dare you, how dare you f–king a–holes protect neo-Nazis. F–k you, f–k you, f–k you. . . . F–k you, NYPD.” How could a professor be so intolerant? NYU Professor Michael Rectenwald, who defended McInnes’s right to speak, said this woman’s attitude represents “a political and historical illiteracy” that is “emblematic of a dogmatic SJW assertion that wants to shut down all expression that they fear.” The claim that McInnes and the College Republicans are “neo-Nazis” is so clearly false that no rational person could believe it, yet some allegedly “educated” people evidently do believe it, and indeed there are professors who act as if “Republican” and “Nazi” are synonyms. This is dangerous.

McCain concludes, as have I, that the Democratic party has devolved into Marxists, intent on, well, doing what Marxists do, controlling everything you can say. Conform or else! Please go read it all. Those intent on keeping liberty must know the face, and the aims of the enemies of liberty. McCain does a masterful job of bringing it all together for us. The Left is showing its true face. A face twisted in rage and hatred. Do not forget that face

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  1. “In order to properly deal with the modern Democrat Party and their hysterical allies (many of whom seem to be bordering on outright homicidal mania), you’d need a few hundred FBI agents experienced in the investigation of subversives, a team of psychiatrists, and a battalion of orderlies standing by with strait-jackets. The Democrats have become an anti-American minority party desperately in need of mass sedation and lengthy incarcerations.” (

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