Your Marxist Moron of the Decade nominee


Wow, Senator Chris  Murphy takes “what could possibly go wrong? to an entirely new level. I mean who needs any screening for possible terrorists

Via Grabien:

MEACHAM: “Senator, do you see any merit in the president’s action? What do you believe should be the security screening? What should be the vetting for — for immigrants coming in?”

MURPHY: “Well, listen, it’s — it’s important to remember that no matter how many times he referenced 9/11, the four countries that were of origin for the 9/11 attack, none of them are on this list. And I would argue that we should go towards a discussion about a pathway in which there is absolutely no screening. Right now, people can come to the United States from Europe through the Visa Waiver Program, where we know they have extremist cells, without — if they are citizens in Europe without almost any security vet. And the Europeans have been miserable at sharing information with each other about threats inside that continent. So I would go towards — towards a sort of European vent in looking at screening, and then maybe let’s just make sure that if folks get to this country and we suspect them of having connections to terrorism that they shouldn’t be able to get an assault weapon. That’s a huge liability in our law today. I think those would be two important steps that would make us more safe rather than this EO which makes us less safe.”

Stupid on so many levels. First of all, if we cannot screen them, if we simply throw open our borders, how could we ever screen them for a gun purchase. And of course they could never circumvent that anyway couldn’t they? Secondly, how will we stop them from getting a vehicle to mow pedestrians down, like has happened multiple times in Europe, and yes, here as well. Ever hear of Ohio State Senator? How about knives? How would we stop them from getting those to stab Americans? And, of course, if they are terrorists, then the ONLY thing they are here to do is to slaughter Americans. But, hey Senator Murphy, the walking babbling brain donor says who needs screening!

What could possibly go wrong?

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