Fake News anyone?

So, President Trump had a disastrous day, threatening the Mexican president with invasion and hanging up on the Australian PM? Ah, not so much.Fisrt this from The Right Scoop

Late last night the office of the President of Mexico said the AP’s original characterization was simply false:

Eduardo Sanchez, spokesman for Mexico’s presidential office, said the conversation was respectful, not hostile or humiliating. “It is absolutely false that the president of the United States threatened to send troops to Mexico,” Sanchez said in an interview with Radio Formula on Wednesday night.

The Mexican Foreign Relations Department had earlier told The AP: “The negative statements you refer to did not occur during said telephone call. On the contrary, the tone was constructive.”

Oh, strike one. Next?

Malcolm Turnbull says despite a fiery tweet by Donald Trump today blasting a refugee agreement between Australia and the United States as a dumb deal, the US president has confirmed to him that he’ll honour it.

The prime minister has told Macquarie radio that the president’s press spokesman and the US embassy have also confirmed Mr Trump will honour the deal.

Mr Turnbull also denied Donald Trump hung up on him.

‘I want to make one observation about it, the report the president hung up is not correct, the call ended courteously.’

Well, darn! The media just cannot get it straight. I would have no doubt that the president and Turnbull had a less than peachy conversation, but it seems far less than the media would like us to think. Fake News anyone?

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