Statists in France: No Soda Refill for You!

Does the Left ever tire of trying to be your parents? No, but remember it is for your own good.

It is now illegal to sell unlimited soft drinks at a fixed price or offer them unlimited for free.

The number of overweight or obese people in France is below the EU average but is on the rise.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends taxing sugary drinks, linking them to obesity and diabetes.

Self-service “soda fountains” have long been a feature of family restaurants and cafes in some countries like the UK, where a soft drinks tax will be introduced next year.

The new law [in French] targets soft drinks, including sports drinks containing added sugar or sweeteners.

Well, apparently things must be going swimmingly in France, right? I mean if their biggest, most pressing issue is the menace of soda refills. I wonder what the French might ban, or limit next.

Limits on the amount of red meat a restaurant may offer on its menu? Limit the amount a consumer may buy on a trip to the grocery store? How about limiting soda purchases at stores too? Limiting the amount of salt, or sugar one may purchase? Banning bacon or sausage? Perhaps mandating certain weights for citizens? Where does this end? It ends in one of two ways. Either the people reject political leaders that pass such foolish laws, or those same people must eventually accept the government intruding into every aspect of their life.

I hope the West chooses wisely

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