Breaking News! Ashley Judd Wins latest Marxist Moron Award

Ashley’s latest foray into the Pit of Eternal Victimhood? Emoji RAAAAACISM! Call her the first Emoji Justice Warrior, or maybe just crazy


Yellow emojis are “code for white,” actress Ashley Judd announced this week on Twitter. Her solution? The standard color for emojis should be black “so WE whites had to scroll to find a color that more accurately resembled US.”

Oh dear God the stupid is deep with this one. First of all emojis do not really resemble people all that much. And frankly, anyone who “identifies” that deeply with an emoji likely should not brush their teeth without adult supervision. Seriously, there is a deep mental malfunction with anyone who even ponders race when looking at an emoji. This race to be offended at everything is disturbing. The Left loves misery. They love being, or pretending to be victims, and they love to pretend, if they are White, that they are unwilling oppressors of minorities. Right Ashley?

In addition to criticizing the emojis, Judd said she wanted to be called “a ‘non person of color.’”

“A negating word preceding talk about me and my race/ethnicity,” she wrote. “Now wouldn’t that be helpful and good for a while? For me to experience what it may be like to have my personhood negated before a conversation even gets started?”

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley you are not a “non-person” You are, in my view an overly emotional, vastly misinformed person. You are misinformed because you embrace the failed, and tragically flawed tenets of Leftism. Leftism, and other forms of Marxism have killed, imprisoned, tortured, and dehumanized tens, upon tens, upon tens of millions of people. Gulags dehumanize Ashley, emojis don’t. Enslaving people to the whims of a totalitarian government rob people of everything, emojis don’t. Sharia Law, not emojis brutalize, and oppress women, and Christians, and Jews, and Homosexuals, and anyone else that does not live as a radical teaching of Islam does Ashley. Seriously Ashley , you ought to do even the minimum research into what true oppression is.



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