San Antonio mall robbery goes wrong, good Samaritan killed, CHL holder shoots one suspect

I heard about this on the radio driving to work this morning. WBAP here in the Metroplex mentioned that a CHL holder had shot and critically wounded one of the robbers after the robber shot and killed an unarmed man who tried to intervene. On CNN Headline News the part about the CHL holder wounding one suspect was conveniently left out. I guess their agenda is showing. Here is the story from News 4 San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – Police arrested a second suspect accused in taking part in a jewelry store robbery that turned deadly Sunday afternoon.

According to a San Antonio Police Department spokesperson, the second suspect, identified as Jason Matthew Prieto, 34, was captured following a car wreck in Converse. Investigators say he crashed a stolen silver car near Copper Gate and Loop 1604.

The accident happened about twenty minutes after two suspects tried to rob a jewelry store inside Rolling Oaks Mall. A shopper who tried to stop the robbery was killed by gunfire.

Another bystander who is licensed to carry a concealed weapon shot and wounded one of the suspects. The second robber got away and is believed to be the same person who wrecked the stolen car.

It is so tragic that the man who tried to stop the robbers, Johnathan Murphy was killed. I wonder if it might have played out even worse had the second hero not been carrying a firearm, and been capable enough with his weapon to seriously wound one of the suspects

One thought on “San Antonio mall robbery goes wrong, good Samaritan killed, CHL holder shoots one suspect”

  1. I’m surprised those piles of dog excrement aka CNN employees didn’t state that the CHL holder shot & killed the unarmed man instead of one of the robbers.

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