And the Left loses what remains of their minds

Losing an election can be traumatic,but, normal, rational, people move on, and some even reflect on why their side lost, and look for ways to change future outcomes. But not the American Left, which is now in Trump Meltdown Mode. They even think writing nasty things about a 10-year-old is OK You stay classy there Katie Rich

A writer for Saturday Night Live broke the usual rule about not targeting the children of politicians we disagree with.

For approximately three hours today, SNL “Weekend Update” writer Katie Rich had a tweet up saying that President Trump‘s 10 year old son, Barron, was going to grow up to become America’s “first homeschool shooter.”

How tolerant! Attacking  a child, predicting he will be a mass murderer? Of course Rich has “protected” her Twitter timeline rather than looking at her behavior. I am sure she will use the old “I was making a joke” explanation, or some other lame excuse. that is what the Left does, they excuse their own abhorrent behavior while screeching about the “haters” on the Right. But, again, when truth, and morals, which are not values held by the Left, stop being important to you this is what results. Attacking children? No problem to Katie Rich. Rioting, and smashing windows, destroying property? No problem to the vermin that went nuts in DC yesterday. Lying about police? Saying they are “hunting down” young Black men? No problem for the thugs at Black Lives Matter and their supporters. 

This is what happens when one’s ideology becomes a twisted obsession. This is what happens when truth, basic decency, and critical thinking are replaced with raw emotion. This is what happens when one allows their ideology to become a fanatical crusade. When these things happen, anything goes, anything can be excused. And what do I mean when I say anything? Well, just examine history. Look at the evils committed for the “greater good”. Look at the concentration camps, gulags, killing fields, inquisitions and “jihads“. Yes, it is true. Those things are far worse than a tweet, or even riots. But, again, when an ideology stops valuing truth, morals, and devalues individualsto greater and greater degrees, well, that path leads somewhere eventually.

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