And the descent into Leftist Wacko World continues

The University of Washington-Bothell is starting to train librarians to spot, and interrupt the dreaded “Microaggression”. I wonder if the librarians will be issued Brown shirts at the conclusion of their re-education?

The University of Washington-Bothell is offering its librarians social justice training to “interrupt acts of oppression,” such as when a male coworker speaks condescendingly to a female.

According to the UW library website, the Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice Team offers six different workshops for librarians, including “Interrupting Microaggressions,” “Intersectionality,” and “Privilege.”

During the “Interrupting Microaggressions” workshop, librarians are taught how to “interrupt oppressive situations,” and are provided with a scenario worksheet so that they can practice responses.

One scenario given to workshop attendees describes a female coworker asking for help from a male coworker when she realizes the male coworker is talking in a condescending manner.

“You’re having trouble with creating a report in Alma and a male colleague happens to walk by you at that time,” the scenario begins. “You ask him if he knows how to use this particular function in Alma. He says ‘Why, yes.’ Then he proceeds to slowly explain how to create the report in Alma. The way he is speaking immediately begins to feel condescending to you.”

Well, I am aghast. A woman asks a man for help, and he gladly offers help? My God what a barbaric act! I have to say folks, being a man is getting tougher. We have to be more “sensitive”which to the Left means less masculine, less competitive, because competition leads to bad things apparently, and we must also stop being so attracted to women because objectification or something. So now, if a woman asks us for help, we must offer said help, but recognize that helping might be considered a microaggression. And while tip-toeing that minefield of leftist inanity, we must be never take note if the woman is attractive, because that might be another microaggression. Maybe we should just avoid such a scenario by playing dumb and not helping. Of course that would make us a sexist, microaggressing pig, so we are pretty much screwed either way.

Then there is privilege. Librarians must also be on the lookout for that too. What is privilege, allow your Marxist re-educators to explain comrade!

A separate library training, called “Privilege,” which defines the concept as “a set of unearned benefits possessed by people who fit into specific social groups based on particular aspects of identity,” though it assures workshop attendees that privilege is not a reason to feel guilty.

So, after brow beating the “privileged” they say “Don’t feel bad, It is not your fault all White males are privileged oppressors!”

“No one is trying to make you feel bad. In fact it’s the exact opposite!” a workshop handoutexclaims. “The goal is to get you thinking about how who you are influences what you do and don’t experience so you can better support others who face inequalities that you don’t.”

Good Freaking grief! Remember when librarians just helped you find books, checked out your books, and said SHHHH? Ah, the good old days when policing everyone else’s behavior was not part of everyone’s job description?


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