Armed citizen saves officer from ambush attacker! The Cult of Gun Control hardest hit

This is a story that will give the Shannon Watts and Michael Bloombergs of the world hives

An Arizona trooper trying to help a motorist in a rollover crash was shot in an ambush-style attack by a random suspect, who was then fatally shot by a Good Samaritan driving by.

The trooper with the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) was at a traffic stop when he received a report about a driver whose car was shot at near a median at milepost 81 on Interstate 10, reported ABC15, an ABC affiliate in Arizona.

The trooper left the traffic stop to investigate this call when he came across a rollover crash and saw that a woman had been ejected from the wreckage.

When the trooper began working to block lanes, a suspect came from an unknown direction and “ambushed” him, according to DPS.

The suspect shot him at least once in the chest-shoulder area and fought the trooper to the ground.

A passerby saw the fight unfolding and stopped to render aid to the trooper, who asked for help.

However, the suspect ignored the Good Samaritan’s orders to stop attacking the trooper.

That’s when the passerby went to his car, grabbed a gun and fatally shot the suspect, reported ABC15.

DPS said the injured trooper, who has been with the department for 27 years, was taken to an area hospital, where he was awaiting surgery. He is in stable condition.

This, good guy with a gun, saved this officer from almost certain death. And, no this is not the first time an armed citizen has helped an officer in distress. Of course, the gun control extremists will deny any such events ever take place, just as they deny Americans use firearms hundreds of thousands of times annually for self-defense. And yes, yes, armed good guys have stopped several mass shootings which is highly remarkable, since over 98% of mass shootings occur in “gun free zones”.

The facts are the facts ,and those facts are very clear in the gun control debate. Disarming citizens does nothing to reduce crime. Neither do gun free zones, in fact they aid only evil doers.The sad fact is this. The Cult of Gun Control cares more about disarming the law abiding than reducing violent crime. To them, Americans exercising their natural rights is the true danger because that flies in the face of the Left’s dream of a Collectivist Utopia

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