Cop Haters gonna Hate Cops!

Can we just say the Congressional Black Caucus is an anti-cop hate group of radicals?

A painting by a constituent of Missouri Democratic Rep. William Lacy Clay has been removed from the walls of the Cannon tunnel by Republicans three times — and replaced after each incident.

OK, let us pause and take a gander at the painting.

Capitol Painting

This piece of trash is what Democrats have put up three times. THREE TIMES! Is anyone going to tell me this is not an anti-police painting? Anyone? This is what Rep. William Lacy Clay thinks is artful? And, apparently the CBC is all for it too right? 

“We might just have to kick somebody’s a– and stop them,” Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Cedric L. Richmond said, when asked if the painting needed security personnel to protect it.

Personally, if I were in Congress would take it down and wait for Mr. Richmond. 

The artwork, entitled “Untitled #1,” depicts police-community relations in Ferguson, Missouri, and is from the Capitol’s annual high school art competition. Republicans have taken offense to the painting’s depictions of police officers and others as animals.

Clay defends the painting while playing the “some of my family are cops” line

The painting by artist David Pulphus has generated controversy since late last month when police groups objected to its display in the Capitol.

On Tuesday, Clay said, “I am not anti-police. I have numerous family members that are part of law enforcement.”

But the congressman also said he could understand why Pulphus feels the way he does. Ferguson was engulfed in rioting in the days after Michael Brown, an unarmed black man, was fatally shot by a white police officer.

“When you think about how this young man formed his impression of law enforcement over the last five years, at the age of 13, he witnessed Trayvon Martin’s death. Fast forward two years to Michael Brown,” Clay said.

“Mr. [Darren] Wilson’s behavior was animalistic,” he said, referring to the Ferguson police officer who shot Brown.

So, the officer, who was exonerated by the local police, the DA, a grand jury AND the Obama Justice Department behaved like an animal in shooting Brown, who first assaulted Officer Wilson and attempted to take Wilson’s service weapon then charged him? No, it was Brown who caused his own death, Wilson did his job. And Clay is either a bottom feeding liar or grossly ignorant of the events surrounding Michael Brown’s death. Either way he, and the rest of the CBC are unfit to shovel camel dung much less serve in the House of Representatives.

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