Emeraude Toubia stands up against Cultural Appropriation Brown Shirts


Emeraude Toubia is drop dead gorgeous, as you can see. And, she has recently run afoul of the Cultural Appropriation knuckleheads for daring to wear braids


Shadowhunters star Emeraude Toubia has been accused of cultural appropriation for having her hair braided, but rather than caving in to the demands of the offended, she fought back by educating them.

Toubia shared a picture on Twitter from her vacation in Thailand that shows her hair braided, which immediately sent online social justice warriors into a tizzy. Many tweeted urging the actress to remove the picture and apologize.

One person said: “I’m sure you’re not aware of how harmful this is, but by wearing those braids you’re appropriating another race’s culture and that’s really not okay.”

“Delete this, take the time to think about it and apologize. i’m sure you’ll understand ily,” the user added. “Em, please pay attention to your replies. This is cultural appropriation, it’s offensive. Take this down and read,” another Twitter user seconded.

Harmful? Good Freaking Grief make the stupid stop! It is a freaking hairstyle, nothing more.


Here is Toubia’s who is of Lebanese and Mexican descent, response

While the accusations of cultural appropriation continued, the actress fired back against the mob, saying: “While it’s difficult to know for certain where braiding originated, it has been found in all cultures of the world including Asia, Africa, Egypt, Europe and the Americas.”

Toubia also took a jibe at her critics, sharing a old picture her mom doing braids for her. “Mom braiding my hair since 1993,” she tweeted.


Bravo for her! A classy response that was, of course, met with hostility and unhinged derangement. Stay Strong Emeraude Toubia


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