Your Marxist Moron of the Day New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof

Kristof, who pretends to be smart, recently wrote that Republicans have no health care plan to replace ObamaCare. This is a common thing for the left to say, even though it is not true. The really humiliating thing for Kristof is this. His own paper has written numerous times about several GOP plans. Mary Katherine Ham explains

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof did some cute work covering the Affordable Care Act this week, leaving a blank space in his column after the opening paragraph: “This week, President-elect Donald Trump and congressional Republicans began to dismantle Obamacare, and here are the details of their replacement plan.”

It wasn’t a production error, but it was a fact-checking error that Kristof could have corrected by simply reading the newspaper that employs him. Here are four times The New York Times reported on the GOP health-care alternatives Kristof thinks doesn’t exist.

This will not deter Kristof of course. He is of the Left, and the truth is meaningless to the Left. They lie, about everything, and never have as second thought about doing it. And, perhaps the most offensive thing about fools like Kristof is that they are so deluded that they never consider why they must lie to further their agenda. If Liberal ideas worked, their would be no need to lie would there? And, if the Left gave the first damn about honesty………………

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