How to understand Climate Change

Bad weather, now called “extreme weather” is a sign that climate change is going to kill us all. Likewise nice weather is a sign that we are doomed!

Nice Weather May Be Playing Tricks On Your Mind About Climate Change

“It is very tempting to rely on what you are experiencing.”

Most likely, you don’t write down the number of days each year when the temperature in your town reaches a record high or record low. But, in fact, you do keep track — subconsciously — and this practice could influence your attitude about climate change.

Subliminal awareness of local climate change can push people into either accepting or doubting climate change, depending on local climate patterns, according to new research published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

“Even when you know the facts, understand the science, and have seen the maps of global trends, it is very tempting to rely on what you are experiencing,’’ said Michael Mann, co-author of the PNAS study and an associate professor of geography at George Washington University (and not the climate scientist of the same name). (snip)

The research is believed to be the first to study the effects of local climate change on people’s attitudes. “This study points out that we need to be aware of our bias towards experiential learning and over-emphasizing recent events,” Mann said.

For anyone still confused about the “settled science” that 155% of all scientists, doctors, dentists, used car salesmen, tow truck drivers, pornstars, ballerinas, massage therapists, AND Leonardo Dicaprio in his private jet agree on, here is a handy guide from The Al Gore Cult of Climate Change

More tornadoes? Climate change!

Fewer tornadoes? Climate change!

Wildfires? Climate change!

Wildfires started by careless campers? Climate change!

Mudslides? Climate change!

Hurricanes? Climate change!

More hurricanes? Climate change!

Fewer hurricanes? Climate change!

Floods and droughts? Do you even have to ask?

Erectile Dysfunction? Why the Hell not blame that on climate change too!

Pretty much any weather event, storm, natural disaster, sunshine, rain, and everything else whether or not it has anything to do with weather? Climate change!

2 thoughts on “How to understand Climate Change”

  1. i’m still looking for an ironclad gaurantee that if we spend 10’s of trillions of dollars remaking our economy, and transfer 10’s of trillions more to 3rd world shitholes we are going to get exactly the results we want and there will be an end of the game moment when we spike the ball and say we’re done. otherwise forget it…it’s a scam

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