The moral retardation of the Left raises its ugly head once more

I am opposed to so-called “hate crime” laws. I believe violent crimes should be prosecuted no matter what the “motivation”. But we do have hate crime legislation, and it ought to be applied equally. The Left, however, pushes “hate crimes” for political purposes, to push their agenda not out of any concern for stopping violent crimes. Consider how the Left is spinning the brutal torture and beating of a White, disabled 18-year-old boy by four Black thugs. The thugs shout “F@#* White people” repeatedly. So, it is pretty clear to anyone who has a clue that this was motivated by hate, and by racism. Yet the Left has been largely loathe to call it a hate crime. Why? The victim is White, he was kidnapped, bound, and brutalized by the perpetrators. Yet, here is a video where Leftists Jeffery Toobin, former Bernie Sanders press secretary, Simone Sanders being very hesitant to call this a hate crime.

Sanders even says that it might not be a hate crime, because “motive matters”. I think, again, the motivation is crystal clear. I have to if what Sanders means is that protecting all races from racially motivated violence is troublesome to her. Sanders even goes so far as to blame White racism for demonizing Black communities. Sorry, but there is no doubt as to the motivation, and no excuse to blame anything or anyone except the four thugs involved.

Some might call this moral relativism, but it is moral retardation, nothing more. 

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