Kay Adams, one of the few good things about NFL Network

There are many reasons that the NFL Network sucks in a sucktacular way. First, why the Hell can they not show old games, and no I do not mean a game from last year. I am talking about all the classic playoff games from the past. Dolphins-Raider in 1974? No. Chiefs-Dolphins from ’71? How about the Broncos-Browns classics in the ’86 and ’87 AFC title games? No. Cowboys-Packers from 1966? No The list goes on and on and on. Instead of re-airing these gems we get talking heads, more talking heads and lost of blah, blah, blah.

Perhaps the most obnoxious thing on the NFL Network, is their version of the Today Show/Good Morning America. Weekday mornings we get Good Morning Football with four talking heads saying, well, not much. This show is irritating for a myriad of reasons. There is former player Nate Burleson, who spends a bit too much time in front of mirrors. That would be fine if this were a show on Men who obsess over fashion. Then there is Kyle Brandt a former soap opera star, because no one breaks down the NFL better than a soap star right? He is also a former producer of the Jim Rome show, and a former cast member of MTV’s Real World, and fights with Burleson for mirror time. Then there is the male version of Rachel Maddow, Peter Schlager. What, don’t believe me? See for yourself

Good Lord can someone tell this guy to lay off the eye makeup? He may be great at his job, but man he just has that face even small children and priests want to punch. 

There is, however one redeeming thing about this show. Kay Adams who is adorable.

Why can’t the NFL Network just adjust their show Good Morning Football a bit. keep Adams, fire the two metrosexuals, and Mr. Maddow, and here is a great idea focus on highlights Monday mornings, yes actual highlights, NOT talking heads. Make the show maybe an hour long Tuesday-Friday so they can get to showing classic games, and some other things they do well, like their Top Ten series, and their A Football Life series. If people want the Today Show, or Good Morning America, those shows are there. But the NFL Network ought to be focused on the NFL product shouldn’t it? Heck, if the NFL can get their own network right, maybe they could even hire referees that understand the rules, and maybe one day we could even see a catch be a catch again? 

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