Your best bet blogs for irrereverance this holiday weekend

Irreverance What you look for in a blog is personal. Me I appreciate insightful commentary. I am grateful for good humor. Blogs that make you think, and of course blogs that lick PC right square in the balls. And, to be honest I salute blogs that push the envelope with some healthy irreverence. Here are my picks for blogs that are not afraid

Mike Miles at 90 Miles From Tyranny is such a blogger. Here he objectifies appreciates a young woman for her amazing figure. Here he pokes fun at the willful ignorance of Liberals who continue to bury their heads in the sand about Islamic terrorism. And here he sticks a finger in the eye of those Democrats pretending that Russia “stole” our election

By Other Means features lots of hot armed women, and humor that might make you blush, and women into costume play

Feral Irishman? VERY off color and very upsetting to vegans

Wirecutter? He is the antidote for sensitivity classes

Suckers on Parade lets snotty Leftist tools have it! And smacks the media idiots too

Evil Blogger Lady smacks the Idiot Prince of Great Britain 

Goodstuffs Cyber World has, well, lots and lots of good stuff!

IOTW Report nails Hillary

It Ain’t Holy Water has some humor

Never Yet Melted is not afraid to take on the Left’s war on gender

Political Clown Parade? AWESOME!

Proof Positive? Unafraid

The Right Way rocks

Theo Spark is an all time great

WiredRight pushes the envelope in a variety of ways

A Nod to the Gods has humor

Double Trouble? Very politically incorrect


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