Mother enraged that her child was taught gun safety

Liberals prefer being outraged and offended to be educated

Duval County Public Schools superintendent Dr. Nikolai Vitti has agreed to review other options for a gun safety program in schools after a local mother raised concerns.

Action News Jax first reported Wednesday that a local mother contacted Vitti after her son was taught about gun safety without her permission.

The district acknowledged that the school didn’t send out an “opt out” letter like it’s supposed to. Now, that mother is pushing for a new program altogether because of its affiliation with the National Rifle Association.

It all started after her son brought home a pamphlet promoting gun safety. Not only was she caught off-guard, but she questioned the program’s NRA affiliation.

The NRA’s Eddie Eagle program teaches kids what to do if they find a gun, similar to stop, drop and roll for a fire. Eddie Eagle says stop, don’t touch, run away and tell a grown up.

But a Mandarin Oaks Elementary mother, who doesn’t want to be identified, thinks gun safety shouldn’t be taught by an organization with what she calls “special interests,” and she emailed that concern to Dr. Vitti.

The Eddie Eagle program is as non-partisan as it gets. It is a safety program, period! The fact is, the Eddie Eagle program as the superintendent makes clear is not about any agenda but safety

It is true that the National Rifle Association is part of the consortium that developed the Eddie Eagle program through its outreach office, but its development was guided by specialists in education, public safety, public health, and child development.  This curriculum is not intended to assume your authority to guide your child’s moral development.  Please know that I take nothing more seriously than keeping students safe when they are with us at school, and I hope the messages we provide will help keep them safe when they are away from our classrooms. The program is about gun safety. Information that many students are unaware of and could save their lives.

This mother has a legitimate gripe about an opt-out letter not being sent, but what really bugs her is that the NRA is involved in any way. That is the bottom line. The superintendent makes clear that this is the first complaint he has heard about in his four years at his position.

“I also believe that it is important to note that relying on my memory only, I have never received a complaint from a parent, teacher, SRO, or principal about this program or its expansion since being superintendent (four years). This means that thousands of students each year have been exposed to the program with no issues being raised at my level”

Go read his entire letter, it is good and makes clear that this woman is the only parent to raise any concern. That should be all there is to it, but, sadly, the superintendent loses his guts at the end of his letter

“With all of that said, I am willing to review other options regarding the programming or activities that could be used to promote gun safety because I do believe that its current connection to the NRA could mislead parents. However, to be clear, you are the first parent without digging into the matter who has raised this issue to my level.”

I do not grasp why he would be so very clear about the effectiveness of the program and that he has never received any complaints, and then cave at the end? Our society truly has a hang up about appeasing the loud mouths, and the fringe at times. I have always used common sense in addressing complaints at restaurants I have managed. If, for example, your bar sells thousands of margaritas every month, and you get one complaint, why would you worry about that one outlier? It makes no sense. The same rule applies here, yet, so many people in positions of authority lose their minds over one malcontent. 

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