Yes, Trump’s comments from 2005 ARE locker room talk

I am not now, nor have I ever been a defender or fan of Donald Trump. To be honest, I am ashamed that the GOP is such joke of a party that we are stuck with the ultimate nose holder of a nominee in a year where the Democrats have nominated a candidate that is as dishonest, corrupt, and, yes deplorable as I could ever imagine. But this piece is not about Trump, or why he is, if nothing else better, yes, far better than the bottom of the barrel offering the Democrats have nominated.

Nor is this piece about why Glenn Beck should shut up and possibly seek professional help. Nor is it about how foolish silly idiotic those attacking Ted Cruz for “selling out” are. Nor is it about the respect I have lost for certain “Conservatives” like Sean Hannity, and Ann Coulter who advocated so vehemently for Trump. OK, I actually lost respect for Coulter before she latched onto Trump because she is a self-promoting hack but that is beside the point. No, it is not about how cowardly many Republicans are being by renouncing endorsements for Trump either. Gutlessness is an ugly thing, and appeasing the Left never works.

No, this column is directed at those who are overreacting to Trump’s comments about liking women, and how some women allow powerful men to act like slobs, and yes, about grabbing women’s promised lands. And this is directed at those, like ESPN host Molly Querim, who is both devastatingly beautiful and dead wrong for saying Trump’s comment “defended” sexual assault. His comments in no way defended sexual assault. Words do have meanings Molly, and sorry, but Trump did not boast about sexually assaulting women.

Most of all though, this comment is directed at those who are insisting that Trump’s characterization of his comments as “locker room talk” is ridiculous. I am, as many men are,an expert on locker room talk. I have been in locker rooms in high school, various gyms, and jobs, and yes, you will hear lots of talk similar to Trump’s talk on that tape. Generally, I have not engaged in that  type of talk. I am more reserved, and to be honest, tend to find humor in the way some men lie about, or embellish their tales of “conquests”. Yes, I have even heard some things that angered me to a degree that I wanted to slap the taste out of someone’s mouth. Once I even called a coworker out when he began talking in a demeaning fashion about a very pretty, and sweet girl we worked with. Generally though, most of the talk is just wishful thinking or remarks about the shapely backside of that girl who was doing curls in the free weight area. 

Yes, I know, it is apparently stunning to some that men notice women’s backsides, faces, breasts, and legs. Apparently, it is also shocking to them that men have sexual thoughts and urges, and sometimes express those in locker rooms. Yes, “locker room talk” happens. And some of that talk might offend. Some of it might be demeaning, and yes, a lot of it is wishful thinking. The media has been fixated on this scandalous scandal, instead of Hillary’s emails, Benghazi, The Clinton Foundation, and Hillary’s treatment of her husbands female accusers. Of course, the media had this tape during the primaries, but chose not to release them. The media wanted Trump, and for two reasons. First, they want Hillary to be elected, and they view Trump as easier to beat. Second, Trump does equal better ratings, and yes, Virginia, the media, yes you too Fox, are driven by ratings.

Here is you take away from all of this

Yes, locker room talk happens.

Those denying it are lying.

Many of the outrageously outraged are Liberal hacks who have said or defended much worse sexual comments about Conservative women like Michelle Malkin, Katie Pavlich, Dana Loesch, Stacey Dash and others. Many of the offended have said terrible things about gun owners, Southerners, Tea Party folks, etc without batting an eye. So, their integrity is about as deep as Hillary Clinton’s. This is what the Left always does though, they lie about those that differ in their ideology, then scream like spoiled brats when someone says something “offensive” to them. Again, as Dennis Prager says, the truth is not valued by the Left.

So, spare us the fake outrage, spare us the GOP cowardice, let’s talk about issues, let’s compare Trump, a vulgar jerk to Clinton, a crooked, corrupt Leftist who puts her own interests far above the country. Yes, at the end of the day, Trump is a better choice, or at least Hillary is the worst possible choice. Only a full blown moron would vote for Hillary, and folks, NEVER go full blown moron!

4 thoughts on “Yes, Trump’s comments from 2005 ARE locker room talk”

  1. I notice you have a pin up girl in your twitter feed that is displayed on the sidebar of your blog. Does that make you as bad as Trump for objectifying women? LoL.

    P.S.: I appreciate the image, but it’s NSFW.

  2. Men are not the only ones with locker room talk. I was waiting behind a partition for an exam when two female corpsmen walked in. they both were describing some pretty intimate events including some tongue action from their boyfriends. Should have seen the expressions on their faces when I stepped out and then they started to laugh.

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