Stacy McCain: Is Soccer Super Gay? or Just regular Gay?

Well, this piece is going to get McCain in some hot water

You may never have heard of lesbian soccer playerMegan Rapinoe, whoprotested against the National Anthem because she hates America:

U.S. soccer star Megan Rapinoe knelt during the national anthem [Sept. 4] before the Seattle Reign’s game against the Chicago Red Stars “in a little nod” to NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. . . .
“Being a gay American, I know what it means to look at the flag and not have it protect all of your liberties.”

Every patriotic American knows soccer is a Communist conspiracy. The anti-American protest by lesbian soccer player Megan Rapinoe merely confirmed this, while also making clear what every patriotic American also knew, that soccer is a sport only homosexuals play. The lesbian anti-American soccer player Megan Rapinoe accused the owner of the Washington Spirit team of being a homophobe because the team “does not hold a Pride Night to celebrate the LGBT community.” Celebrating “the LGBT community” is now mandatory in soccer because (a) only gay people would pay money to watch women play soccer, and (b) more or less every woman who plays soccer is gay.

Yes, sure, you could just chalk up this piece to Stacy McCain being anti-gay, but, I really doubt he is. I mean he is an Alabama fan, so he is at least a bit sketchy, but McCain is also a brilliant writer, and he is making a valid point. That point, I would say is that today you must not only hire gay people, treat them fairly, have them as friends, but you must endorse their lifestyle with glee, or else!

“I have had conversations with Spirit players current and past, the fact that they don’t have a Pride Night,” lesbian soccer player Megan Rapinoe told The Washington Post. “They have gay players like everyone else [in the league]. They’ve made it pretty clear, at least internally, [Pride Night] not a game they are interested in, which is homophobic to me. . . . Bit of a stretch, but yeah I do think that [Spirit owner] Bill Lynch is homophobic.”

If Bill Lynch is “homophobic,” why is he paying professional lesbians to play soccer, a game that only homosexuals pay money to watch? Of course, if the Washington Spirit fired all the lesbians on its roster, that would be homophobic, and also there wouldn’t be a team anymore, because you can’t play women’s soccer without lesbians. There are rumors there may be some heterosexual women who play professional soccer, but they’re afraid to admit it, because heterosexuality is against league policy.

You may accuse me of exaggerating, but can you name even one woman who plays professional soccer and identifies as heterosexual? Have you noticed there are no players complaining that the league doesn’t “celebrate” their heterosexuality? Why not? Because women’s soccer is gayer than the front row at a Melissa Etheridge concert.

I believe McCain is absolutely correct here in his larger point. Simply being tolerant is no longer enough, not by a stretch. You must accept Gay marriage, you must embrace it, and salute it. Do those things or else a group of angry Lesbian soccer players might come kick you ass while calling you a Homophobe. And, just to be clear, I cannot say if attendees of Melissa Etheridge concerts are Gay, McCain is own his on on that one. Nor can I say that all female soccer players are Lesbians. There are some raher attractive American ladies who have caught my eye. Some of them are not Gay. I do not think Hope Solo is. Alex Morgan is not. Kelley O’Hara is not either, and Ali Krieger may be. Really, I do not care if these ladies are or are not. That is their business. The only way it would be any of my business is if these ladies wanted to tie me up in a soccer goal and have their way with me, but with my luck that will never happen so…..

Who anyone sleeps with is their own affair frankly, which is what “tolerance” is all about. Or at least that is what is should be about. But sadly, that is not enough, Gay activists now demand everyone fully support their agenda, or else. That, after all is the point McCain was making, and he is right.

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