The NFL’s arrogance is going to cost it

I was going to write about my frustration with the NFL, but my friend, Mike at Proof Positive has done such a masterful job, I will just link him. And yes, it goes beyond the refs NOT knowing the rules, and the league redefining a catch so that no one really knows what a catch is anymore. and Roger Goodell making an ass of himself  every other day.

Which brings us to the current situation. The Olympics had a brush with the black power movement in Mexico a few years back, but it passed with only one incident. Not sure what they might have done to prevent a repeat, but, so far so good! The NFL is a different story. It was bad enough when NFL players parroted the erroneous “Hands up, don’t shoot” last year, but now the NFL is arbitrarily choosing whose free speech matters.  They deny the Dallas Cowboys the opportunity to express their own free speech, by not allowing them to put a sticker on their helmets to honor fallen Dallas police officers. They fine players whose free speech dared to put memorials to 9/11 on their shoes. Free speech for thee but not for me??

The NFL can make rules, but it must be consistent, because right now, they are just being hypocritical.

If it is important for the NFL to control the look of the product they produce on the field, they should consider the actions and demeanor of their players who take the field. The NFL has gone out of their way in the past, to support the troops, arranged for military bands and military flybys. But allowing players to disrespect the national anthem… some of that goodwill may be short lived.

Rational folks understand that when a player shows disrespect to the flag, the message he is putting forth is immediately lost, no matter the worth of that message. And, just so we are clear the true message of Black Lives Matter is one of the absolute worst I can imagine. The entire premise of BLM is based on a lie, born out of “hands up don’t shoot” propaganda. It is patently anti-police, anti-law and order, and financially propped up by noted scum sucking bottom feeder George Soros. BLM is about enriching racial agitators like DeRay McKesson, fake Black guy Sean King and others, and stirring up racial division in the most tolerant nation on earth!  And like all Leftist movements is about dividing people and creating tension to further Leftism. 

So, dear NFL, figure it out. Your commissioner is a buffoon, your refs are clueless, and you are hedging your bets on supporting Leftist causes. That is the type of arrogance that sinks companies, countries, and yes, can sink entire sports leagues. No matter how “relevant” or “cutting edge” you think you are, your bias is showing, and most of your fans, you know, the folks who ultimately PAY THE BILLS are pretty PO’d. In other words you are offending far more people than you are pleasing. So, dear NFL, do the math!

3 thoughts on “The NFL’s arrogance is going to cost it”

  1. “Your commissioner is a buffoon, your refs are clueless, and you are hedging your bets on supporting Leftist causes.”

    Doug, I keep telling you! If you keep holding back and not telling us how you really feel, how will we know??

    Thanks for the linkage, my friend!

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