Why yes, I did do my part to increasing gun sales this past month

Yes, I did buy a Ruger AR 556 this last month. The background check took the longest of any I have gone through. Likely because lots of Americans are exercising their God-given, Constitutionally-protected right to bear arms

As the calls for an increase in gun control is heard throughout the political elite, we the little people continue to vote with our wallets.

The FBI reported a total of 1,853,815 National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) background checks were conducted in August 2016 – that’s a 6% increase from August 2015. Not too shabby, considering the August 2015 adjusted NICS figure of 1,031,959 was the second-highest August on record.

Although the report reflected a continuing trend of an increased number of background checks performed on gun sales each month, August sales weren’t as robust as previous months.

I will add this story. While I was waiting for the NICS check, along with a guy buying a shotgun for his son, a woman, in her 60’s, was trying to purchase a handgun. She had recently moved, so her drivers license did not match her new address yet. The sales agent at Gander Mountain told her he could not complete the sale until her ID had her proper address. Her son, then asked if he could buy the gun for her, the clerk said no, as that would be a straw purchase. The son them asked if he could buy the gun “for himself”. The clerk again said that was a big gray area. The son then asked for a manager, who, told him the same thing. That they would not complete the sale, as it might be  a straw purchase.

This tells me what I already knew. Gander mountain, and 99.9999% of  FFL’s are very serious about only making legal sales! I also wondered if this could have been a set up to test Gander Mountain.

By the way, I am taking my Ruger to a local range Sunday, so expect a review soon there after.

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