Take the advice of an expert

Great story from Bearing Arms

Well-known firearms instructor Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training drove up to his wife’s old home yesterday, and found out that the home—which was supposed to be vacant—wasn’t.

Rob was armed, had the skills and training, and did what any intelligent person in his situation would do.

He called the police, and let them handle it.

Had one of those “Practice what you Preach” moments today.

People who don’t belong at the supposed-to-be-vacant wife’s old house? Have property potentially at risk? Have a gun? Have training? Have emotions? Have anger? ….. Control yourself. Deep breath. Drive to the end of the block, call the police. Let 4 Denver PD cars respond, with 5 officers, and handle the squatters who have been there for a week or so…. And their drugs, weapons and outstanding warrants. Far too many people would’ve confronted them… Maybe it would’ve worked out… Maybe I would’ve gotten into a justified shooting today and had a long arduous legal and emotional aftermath… Maybe I would’ve gotten killed. We’ll never know because I did exactly what I and every responsible self-defense instructor I know advises: Avoid Conflict. Let the police do their job… Which the senior officers and new hire on FTO Status all did very well.

I have nothing to add, at all. 

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