Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Via Bob Owens who asks why thugs would bring tasers to a gunfight?

We’ve noted on numerous occasions that it’s almost never the right answer for law enforcement officers to draw their tasers in response to a deadly force threat, but I never thought I’d see two taser-armed home invaders so perfectly show why that’s such a bad idea.

Two men who drove from Miami to Tampa in a rental car are now in a hospital after they tried to break into a home Saturday evening, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

It happened around 11 p.m. on Dew Drop Lane. According to HCSO, the two suspects parked the rental car across the street from the home in the 16000 block and kicked in the back door of the residence.

They were armed with Tasers, deputies said. A man who was inside the home confronted the two suspects. They had an argument and the man fired several shots, striking the invaders. The resident fled the scene.

The suspects were taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The suspects were identified as Leanys Rodriguez-Charon, 27, and Carlos Anthony Rodriguez, 28.

My old stomping grounds. Hillsborough County where I spent the first 29 years of my life is full of a lot of gun owners. From 1992-95 I lived next door to a Hillsborough County Sheriffs officer, and he was supportive of my owning firearms, as are, I believe most law enforcement officers. He gave me, and my female roommate advice on how to handle a break in, and what we should do if our alarm ever went off in the night. We had a safe room, (her bedroom, which was upstairs, across form mine) with a lock on her door. He advised us to call 911 and both go in her room, with the door locked. Anyone breaking in would likely run when the alarm went off. But, if they did not, and tried to gain access to us, we, or I, would have the advantage of being in her room, behind the locked door, with a loaded firearm covering the only entrance. He also advised for me not to go looking downstairs, for an intruder or intruders, but to stay where any intruder would be a disadvantage.

One thought on “Your Self-Defense Story of the Day”

  1. I lived in a nation where safe rooms were required. We were forbidden arms, howver someone left an old Webley revolver for me with instructions to use it if I didn’;t want my head on a spike. Seems like the normal tactic for robbers in this country was to burn the house down around you. If you stayed you died, if you fled they’d be waiting for you, and they had a great number of party favors for you.

    Never stay in a place where you are at the mercy of intruders. Never leave them with the initiative. Remember the cops are only 30 minutes away if the donut store is closed.

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