And the destruction of our education system rolls on

Just another way to make our schools into re-education camps that will turn out good little Leftist non-thinkers!

The coming dark age: The Baltimore school system this week revealed that it is ordering its teachers to ignore student behavior and not count homework in determining school grades. And what could be worse?

The school system also now recommends that teachers do not factor homework into overall grades or give students marks below 50%. Community Superintendent for Zone 2 George Roberts says low marks can damage a student’s feeling of self-potential. “The power of the zero is extremely powerful and frankly hurtful to a student,” Roberts said. “If a child gets a zero on an assignment, it’s that much harder for the child to come out of.”

The truth is, of course, that competition always has, and always will breed greatness. Even those who do not finish at the top scholastically, will be smarter and better educated if their natural desire to compete is encouraged. The efforts to eradicate our inherent desire to compete are designed to create people who are incapable of critical thought, and who ultimately see themselves as wards of the state. This has been the goal of the Left since our federal government became so involved in education. 

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