Angela Rye, a case study in Racial Obsession Syndrome

First the story

Appearing as a guest on Tuesday’s CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello, liberal CNN political commentator Angela Rye hyperbolically asserted that Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan reminds her of slavery and the days when black Americans were assaulted with dogs and water hoses.

Even though the Republican presidential candidate has stated that the 1980s is an era that he believes America was “great,” and has focused on jobs lost by what he believes are unfair trade deals as factors in America not being as “great” as in the past, the CNN commentator linked his slogan to the days of extreme racism against the black population: “I also think when you start your campaign with a slogan like ‘Make America Great Again,’ when some of us hear shackles in our minds or we hear dogs and see fire hoses, that’s not an era we want to go back to.”

Now, Rye’s response, no matter how idiotic, should be no surprise. After all, anyone who has ever listened to her understands she would find something racist in ordering a hot dog at a baseball game. For Angela Rye, and people like her everything involves race, everything. Thus my term Racial Obsession Syndrome. If she hears something she disagrees with, RAAAAACISM! If a police officer shoots an armed Black criminal, RAAAAACISM! If someone says that the absence of fathers in inner city communities is a massive cause of the disproportionate rate of Black crime, RAAAAACISM! America, itself? RAAAAACIST!

This comes as a sad result of two things. First is the growth of racial grievance mongering as a source of income. The monetary success of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and other race pimps has led many others, from politicians like the member of the Congressional Black caucus, to news commentators like Rye, to columnists like Charles Blow to go full race baiting all the time. It has also led some newcomers like Shaun King and Deray McKesson to emulate these race baiters. Racism sells well and the media, is all too happy to help carry the often false narrative of racist police, racist America, racist Republicans, racist everything.

The other factor in the growth of Racial Obsession Syndrome is identity politics. The Left is responsible for the brainwashing and embittering of Black Americans. Through education, which teaches that America is a hotbed of racism and bigotry, and through the media which again re-enforces this largely false narrative. The fact is many Black kids grow up hearing, from parents, “community” leaders, the media, and of course self-serving politicians that anything and everything in their life is centered on their skin color. Blacks are told they must vote a certain, way, and support certain issues or they are “traitors” “Uncle Toms” or “not really Black”. 

Of course there is nothing more racist than pigeon holing people based solely on their skin color, but the Left wants power, and they get it by dividing Americans. They do it by convincing s many people as possible that they are completely defined by their “identity” be it race, gender, their income, sexual orientation, or their religion. Once the Left has labelled everyone, then they continue the indoctrination by telling these groups they are victims, and their only hope to overcome discrimination is to vote for Leftist candidates. The focus is to segregate groups by “identity”, then to “victimize” them, and of course to release any member of any victim group of any responsibility for any choices they make or actions they take. After all, these are victims, and everything that goes wrong for them is because of America, and bigotry, and Conservatives.

All of these factors have made race relations worse, not better, and it will continue to be this way as long as the narrative of victimhood can continue unchallenged. This is why anyone who dares to push back against this narrative is savaged as racist/Homophobic/anti-women/anti-immigrant/Islamophobic, etc. Taking on the Left is dangerous because the Left does not value the truth. They value winning, and yes, by any means necessary. To the Left destroying someone’s career, or reputation by falsely calling them a racist is not morally objectionable in any way. This is why we see so many college students fighting to not allow Conservative speakers on campus, or the formation of clubs that deviate from the Leftist narrative. Free speech, open dialogues, and debate?, No, they are not allowed. You either agree and march in lock step with the Left or you will be intimidated into silence, or see your good name ruined.

Naturally, this is why we will see, should Hillary Clinton win in November renewed assaults on speech that dares challenge the Left’s lies. The Fairness Doctrine, and renewed calls for the FCC, and FEC to clamp down on blogs will be on top of the Left’s agenda. After all, free speech gets in the way of the re-education of America, and that cannot be allowed to happen if we are to build a Collectivist Utopia now can it?

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