No Weave no peace?

Via Moonbattery The sister of the armed thug killed by a police officer in Milwaukee speaks out, and apparently he want the “burbs to burn”, because weave or something

Sherelle Smith — sister of Sylville Smith, a criminal whose timely death was the pretext for Black Lives Matter activists, New Black Panthers, and communists and as well as local lowlife to wreak havoc in Milwaukee — issues her plea for calm:

Partial transcript via Bearing Arms:

“Burning down sh*t ain’t gonna help nothin’. You’re burnin’ down sh*t we need in our community. Take that sh*t to the suburbs. Burn that sh*t down! We need our sh*t! We need our weave! I don’t wear it, but we need it!”

I understand her grief, but her brother pointed a loaded gun at a police officer, what would she expect to happen to him? Again, grief aside, if a family member of mine led the life her brother led, and carried an illegal gun, and began to raise it at police, I would blame that family member not police. Many things have to change to improve police/minority relations, and one of those is that family members must except that their loved ones are responsible for their own fates in many cases.

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