Who else is disgusted by the NFL’s political hypocrisy

There are a LOT of reasons not to be an NFL fan anymore. Refs that do not know the rules, rules that have made determining what the Hell a catch is impossible. Then there is the idiocy of “Deflategate” Good Freaking Grief how poorly the NFL handled what should have been a simple fine to the Patriots. Then there is the politics the NFL. Like banning Rush Limbaugh from being a part of an ownership group. Like refusing to air an ad from Daniel Defense during a Superbowl. Now though, the NFL’s hypocrisy on “activism” is showing. Dylan Gwynn shares his thoughts which are spot on

As written here before, there was never any real expectation that the NFL would allow the Dallas Cowboys to wear the “Arm-in-Arm” decals on their helmets, to show support for the Dallas Police Department during the regular season.

Yet, there was some hope that the league would at least allow the Cowboys to wear the decals during the preseason. Well, it appears that isn’t happening:

“Via Clarence E. Hill, Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, team V.P. Stephen Jones said Wednesday that the league won’t be allowing the team to attach the round sticker to the back of its helmets for the upcoming slate of four glorified scrimmages.

Right or wrong, the decision reflects at least in part the delicate balance the league is trying to strike regarding issues that could be regarded, plausibly or not, as controversial. Should it be controversial to oppose violence committed against police and gratuitous violence committed by police? Absolutely not. But the league is sufficiently worried that it could be to keep the decal off the helmets.

If the NFL really wants to be non-political, at least they should take that pledge seriously, but consistency is, well tough I guess

Moreover, the NFL’s hypocrisy is also on full display, considering they had no problem allowing Beyoncé to perform her anti-police song “Formation” at the Super Bowl halftime show. A song whose video features a wall with the phrase “Stop Shooting Us” written on it, a scene with Beyoncé sitting on top of a police car that is sinking into the water, and a shot where a child dances in front of a squad of policeman in riot gear.

The NFL allowed that to happen, not in a mere regular season football game, but during the halftime show of the most watched television event of the year. That’s the platform the NFL gives to anti-police activists. What do police officers get from the NFL?

So, a racist, cop bashing performance by Beyonce is OK, but helmet stickers honoring heroic police officers is not? Screw that, and screw you Roger Goodell

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