How can a three-year-old decide what his gender ID is?

Here is the story

(KPRC) A Texas mother went before her daughter’s school board Tuesday night to fight for her transgender child’s right to use the girls’ bathroom when she starts kindergarten this fall.

Five-year-old Kai was born male but has lived publicly as a little girl for the last two years.

Months ago, school district leaders told Kai’s mother, Kim Shappley, that Kai would have to use the bathroom of the sex indicated on her birth certificate.

“Please understand I’m not fighting about bathrooms. I’m fighting about her life, I’m fighting about her well-being, I’m fighting for her happiness, I’m fighting for her future,” Shappley said.

So, a five, five-year-old identifies as a girl, and has since age three? Sorry but I have to doubt any small child makes that choice. Sounds like mommy has pushed this child to ‘identify” a certain gender and is now looking for publicity. Parents, please allow your children to be children, those years are precious, and should not be used for your activism

Another perspective here

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