Just to remind you that Hillary is evil

Yes, I said evil. I will allow Bookworm to explain. First here is a video describing how Hillary got a child rapist off

Bookworm lays out just how despicable Hillary Clinton is

Thus, there is nothing wrong with Hillary’s have represented Taylor in a rape trial, nor is there anything wrong with her having done the best job she could for him under thecircumstances.

What is wrong, however, is Hillary’s perverting thefacts beyond recognition when she defended her client. Every state’s rules of professional responsibility require attorneys to act with the utmost honesty in their representations to the Court. The universe that Hillary portrayed, one in which a 12-year-old girl desperately wanted to be raped and beaten by two older men because of her “fantasies,” is sickening. Lawyers, at least not ethical lawyers, are not supposed to win that way.

This type of conduct is especially bad in Hillary’s case because she’s long positioned herself as a champion of women’s rights. In fact, the only woman whose rights Hillary has zealously defended through her life are her own.

What’s also wrong is that five years after the trial Hillary thought the whole thing was a funny story that reflected well on her. Were she a righteous woman, she might have said, “You know, my firm required that I take that case, so I did, and I did my best. As it happened, my best got Taylor off, but I’ve never felt good about that. Legal justice may have been done, but moral justice . . . well, I have my doubts.” Or something like that. Anything but the witchy, boastful cackle of a woman who destroyed a child’s life as surely as the rapist did. That’s sociopathic.

Of course what should we expect from a woman who cared not the first damn about Americans in Benghazi? American soldiers? 12-Year-old girls who are brutally raped? What difference do they make when compared to your thirst for power? Right Mrs. Clinton?

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