Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

The Cult of Gun Control dismisses the idea that Americans, hundreds of thousands, if not millions use firearms in self-defense every year. They recoil in horror at the very thought of parents teaching children how to shoot, and yes, how to use guns in self-defense. This story, via Bearing Arms, will drive these Cultists to drink

Kirk Puckett, a spokesperson for the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office, said a pair of young sisters from North Carolina stopped a home invasion when one of the girls armed herselfwith a rifle for protection.

It was around 12 p.m. Thursday when the 12 and 13-year-old girls, who were in their Snow Camp home on Lambe Road alone, heard someone knocking on the front door.

Peering outside, the girls saw three strange men standing outside – that’s when the older sister grabbed her dad’s rifle.

After they didn’t get an answer at the front door, the suspects went to the rear of the home and broke in through the back door.

Puckett said the 13-year-old was ready, and simply pointed the rifle at them when they entered the home.

Faced with an armed teenager, the trio immediately fled the scene.

Thankfully, these two girls were educated in what to do if someone broke in their home. 

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