Race Baiters gonna race bait!

Kevin Blackistone used to write sports columns for years. Every column, no matter the subject, was turned into some commentary on racism by Blackistone. Looks like he is still suffering from Racial Obsession syndrome

During the Monday broadcast of “Around the Horn” on ESPN, Washington Post sports columnist and frequent ESPN panelist Kevin Blackistone reacted to NBA great Michael Jordan’s statementregarding the tension between African-Americans and law enforcement. In the statement, Jordan said he donated $1 million each to International Association of Chiefs of Police’s newly established Institute for Community-Police Relations and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Blackistone does not think the NBA legend should have donated money to a police organization, reasoning that police departments would have more money if they “policed their communities a lot better and treated black people a lot more humanely.”

Kevin Blackistone could see something racist in ordering a salad. So, a police fund to help relations between police and Black Americans is awful somehow? Apparently so, I guess Blackistone just wants to be bitter

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