Charles Barkley tells the truth, ESPN host nearly has a breakdown on air

Watch the video, and pay attention to Dan Le Batard’s face. He is angry because Barkley is not singing along with the narrative

You can actually see the disdain Le Batard has for Barkley. All Barkley is saying is that a LOT responsibility for these situations lies with the “community”. Which is true. What hypocrites ESPN seems to give microphones to. Athletes are supposed to be “activists” and speak up, but ONLY if they follow the narrative to the letter. It is OK for athletes to completely ignore the Black on Black homicide rate, and to ignore the violent crime rates among young Black men. But Barkley does the unforgivable here. He places blame on Black criminals, he praises cops and says the Black neighborhoods need cops, again BECAUSE of the disproportionate violent crime rate among Black men. Hell, Barkley even dares to suggest that we should let all the facts come out BEFORE reaching any conclusion. How dare he!

This video shows just how the Left, and ESPN is dripping in Leftism frankly, is hypocritical in their call for an open dialogue. That is not what they want. They want a bunch of mindless talking heads to spout the same tired talking points. Racism, police brutality, gun violence, etc. 

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