Sally Kohn, a perfect example of Racial Obsession Syndrome

Check out some of Sally’s Tweets

Note she gives no examples, just a blanket accusation against police. But don’t DARE call her anti-cop. Next she links an incredibly angry, and yes, factually incoherent piece

Why does she embrace such raw anger? Because she is a fully indoctrinated useful idiot

Yes, yes, we are all RAAAAACISTS! It is our Whiteness. Good Freaking Grief this woman enjoys being bitter it seems. And yes, her rhetoric IS anti-cop

See the cops “had it coming”! Tell you what Sally, how about we blame the disproportionate crime rate among Blacks? You think MAYBE that is part of this? Funny how every time a Black is shot by police, people like Sally rush to accuse cops of murder while also trying to deify the Black criminal. Note, they do not do this when White criminals are shot by police, which happens more often than Blacks being shot. NEVER do people like Sally Kohn talk about the Black on Black murder rate, or the disproportionate rate of violent crimes committed by Blacks. Instead it is always about blaming racism, the police, “Whiteness”, even in cases where the shootings are found to be justified. 

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