Mike McDaniel sums up the case against Hillary

She is, the walking definition of unfit

In composing this brief article about Hillary Clinton, I immediately realized I could easily write ten thousand words and not come close to touching on her major scandals, lies and violations of the law, to say nothing of her innumerable minor outrages. Never in my living memory has any political party put forward a more dishonest, dishonorable, corrupt and criminal candidate for national office. I’ll have much more to say in the near future, but for now…

With the release of the Benghazi report we know Hillary lied about the attack. She lied to the public even as she was telling her daughter and Egyptian authorities the truth: it was a planned terrorist attack. When the caskets of our honored dead returned to America, Clinton, over the bodies of the dead, lied to the survivors, and later called them liars for daring to tell the truth about her lies.

But we learned a number of new and equally dishonorable things, things that alone should convince any rational American that Hillary Clinton should never again be allowed to hold any position of authority or responsibility in our government. I’ll mention only one.

We now know the night of the Benghazi attack, she presided over a teleconference of several hours. Apparently by that time, President Obama and the Defense Secretary Leon Panetta had given the authorization for mobilizing our military rescue forces. Remember, please, gentle readers, that Clinton ignored hundreds of actual requests–pleas, really–from Ambassador Chris Stevens and others for enhanced security assets in Benghazi.

Our military assets weren’t sent. A Marine FAST team in Rota, Spain was forced to sit and wait. At one point, Clinton and her dithering nitwits were trying to decide whether the Marines would be sent unarmed. The Secretary of State of the United States of America, the woman who claimed Americans wanted her answering that 3:00 AM phone call, was actually intending to send Marines on a rescue mission, into a failed state–a state she caused to be a failed state— a war zone where we knew hostiles were trying to kill Americans, unarmed. No less than four times, the Marines had to change in and out of civilian clothing and uniforms because Clinton couldn’t decide what they should wear as she worried about offending the virtually non-existent Libyan government, a government she destroyed.

Go read the rest folks, it will make you angry on a level that is indescribable frankly. She is, and I use this word quite sincerely, as far removed from fit to be Commander-in-Chief as a person could be

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