Jihadist Swine massacre 20 in Bangladesh, NRA, AR-15s surely to blame

Because we can never, EVER, place ANY blame on that religion that shall never be named right?

Islamist militants killed 20 people, most of them foreigners, inside an upmarket restaurant in Bangladesh’s capital, before security forces stormed the building and ended a 12-hour standoff on Saturday.

Islamic State said it was responsible for one of the most brazen attacks in the South Asian nation’s history, but that claim has yet to be confirmed.

It marks a major escalation in a campaign by militants over the past 18 months that had targeted mostly individuals advocating a secular or liberal lifestyle in majority-Muslim Bangladesh.

The gunmen, who stormed the busy restaurant in Dhaka’s diplomatic area late on Friday night, ordered all Bangladeshis to stand up before they began killing foreigners, a source briefed on the police investigation said.

Among the dead was the wife of an Italian businessman killed by a machete. She was found by her husband after he spent all night hiding behind a tree outside the cafe while the gunmen were inside, Agnese Barolo, a friend who lives in Dhaka and spoke to him, told Reuters.

Seven Italians were in the cafe when the attack started, including several working in the garment industry, Italian media have reported, while seven Japanese citizens were unaccounted for.

These innocent people were slaughtered for the same reason the 49 people were killed in Orlando, and the same reason a 13-year-old girl was stabbed to death in Israel. That reason is that radical Islamists cannot “coexist” despite what an idiotic bumper sticker might claim. Anyone, be they American, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Gay, trans gender, Atheist, left, right, Jew, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, or a Muslim that does not worship as Islamists insist they must are targeted for slaughter. Yet, Leftist continue to wring their collective hands while blaming the Israel, Homophobia, Islamaphobia, the NRA, and Americans owning rifles that look scary rather than blaming what IS absolutely at fault, radical Islamist terrorism. 

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