More members of the LGBT community looking to take responsibility to protect themselves, Leftists hardest hit

The LA Times has the story which lays bare the twisted mindset of the left

The posters featured a coiled, striking rattlesnake, similar to the yellow Gadsden flag that reads “Don’t Tread On Me” and often is used by the Tea Party movement. The West Hollywood signs were rainbow-colored, like the gay pride flag.

“We are disturbed by them,” West Hollywood Mayor Lauren Meister said of the posters. “We don’t believe in an eye for an eye, and we advocate against gun violence.”

An eye for an eye? We are talking about self-defense here. Self-defense, the most basic human right, is not the same as revenge. And certainly equating self-defense with “gun violence” is absolutely devoid of common sense and basic morality. Capt. Holly Perez of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department West Hollywood Station, apparently does not grasp the concept of self-defense

“I understand the sentiment behind them and 1st Amendment rights, but it’s a bad message,” Perez said. “I hope it’s just people venting that they could do this, and I’m hoping their calmness will take over. It’s our job to keep you safe.”

And I am sure they would do their best, after they are called, and arrive on a scene of an attack. But that is of no help to someone being attacked right NOW is it? And I would correct this officers arrogant attitude against anyone taking their own safety seriusly

“I understand that people want to fight back after Orlando,” she said. “But there are ways to do that without a gun.”

While this is true, it is also shortsighted. Many Americans use firearms every year in self-defense, being armed has proven the most effective means of self-defense for millions of Americans, why would the captain seek to deter that right and ability?

West Hollywood Councilman John Duran, who is gay, said the signs were upsetting and not the right message for the gay community.

“Even during our heightened days of civil disobedience and protest, we have only advocated peaceful means, never arming ourselves and retaliating with violence,” Duran said.

Again, the equating of retaliation and self-defense, these are not the same. When your life is in danger, you have every right, both legally and morally, to defend yourself. Anyone who does not grasp this very simple truth is not thinking clearly, preferring to emote rather than think. Once again, we see clearly how much disdain the Left has for basic individual liberties. In their world, it is somehow morally superior to die unarmed and helpless than to take responsibility to defend yourself and love ones.

5 thoughts on “More members of the LGBT community looking to take responsibility to protect themselves, Leftists hardest hit”

  1. It has been ruled by the courts that it is NOT the police’s job to keep the public safe, Ms. Perez. I don’t care what you would like to think, or say. Everyone’s personal safety is their own responsibility first and foremost. Those that have the means or the political capital are able to entrust that to those who carry guns themselves, like private security or secret service. Regular people like those who live in West Hollywood and throughout the rest of America should have the ability and the freedom to do so themselves, as affirmed by the 2nd amendment to the constitution. You know, the document that most politicians swear to preserve, protect, and defend?

  2. Eye for an eye is not a revenge process. It is a legal principle that the punishment not exceed the crime

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