EPIX pulls Katie Couric Fakeumentary ‘Under the Gun”

Poor Katie, it seems her lying ways have caught up to her. Bob Owens, like me, is doing the Happy Dance

Just two weeks after first airing and one week after director Stephanie Soechtig and executive producer/narrator Katie Couric were caught in a scandal where Soechtig replaced the answer to a question with footage shot at a different time, the streaming media channel EPIX has pulled their original film.

A Visit to the movie’s page on the EPIX site is met with the warning, “THIS MOVIE IS NOT CURRENTLY PLAYING ON EPIX.”

Soechtig, Couric, EPIX, and Couric’s employer Yahoo! News have been under intense pressure since news of the fraudulent edit was posted just a week ago.

As Owens notes, EPIX is claiming it was their intent to pull the film after two weeks all along. Somehow, I doubt that. I mean why would they only run such a “great” film two weeks? 

In other lying gun control types news HBO’s Real Sports is all about dishonesty too

AR-15 Inventor Says HBO Grossly Distorted His Views On Guns

A recent anti-gun segment on ‘Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel’ didn’t lie about what I said, it just omitted key parts, which changed the meaning.
There they go again, go read it all

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