What will the Feminists say about this

I think noted Conservative male Mike McDaniel might be trying to stir the hornets nest here

Penis shaped lipstick? Feminist Outrage Syndrome in 3, 2, 1….


For the modern young woman that has everything… 

AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ALL BEAUTY AND PENIS ENTHUSIASTS: Lipsticks shaped liked penises exist in the world.

Well, I think we know that Feminists are NOT fans of penises, or the men they are attached to. To Feminists, the penis is an evil toll of the Patriarchy, which, of course, exists almost exclusively in the minds of perpetually bitter Feminists. I cannot believe McDaniel would poke these angry Feminists with, well, the rods of Patriarchy!

Yep. Here’s the beauty product you’ve been waiting for all your life. They’ve actually been around for a few years now, but they’re suddenly popping up on Instagram all over again.

I mean. There’s really not much to say other than this: these are lipsticks shaped like penises. They have tiny veins etched along the side. They come in plenty of colours that would not be healthy for an actual penis to be. Some of them have a touch of shimmer.

And here is the line that will surely enrage Feminists to unseen levels

The lipsticks are mostly sold as cute little hen do gifts, because everyone loves to celebrate the joy of matrimony by smearing a dick on their lips.

OH! The Feminists declare all sex between men and women as rape, and hate matrimony, which is to them more victimization of women as well. How dare McDaniel victimize these Feminist warriors with these tiny penises!

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