11 thoughts on “If the GOP is to unite, Trump needs to stop this garbage”

  1. He’s not just trashing Cruz. The latest is, he’s decided to publicly go after the federal judge presiding over his Trump University civil case. Thanks, Donnie! with all the other stuff going on, I almost forgot all about your fake university scam!

  2. He can’t help himself, and all the Trumpistas (who’ve sold their principles in a garage sale) should ask why Trump trashes Conservatives yet woos Democrats and Sanders supporters.

    They should also wonder why those who had been willing to put on a gas mask and check the box for Trump in November are hardening their position towards either voting for no one for president or going third party.

      1. You know, it’s tough going down conspiracy theory roads, but, after seeing all these ducks walking and talking for so long, you start to think it’s a duck.

      2. The Republican party is split, probably for good. If by some chance Trump were to lose the nomination, he would revolt (the man is revolting, you know!), if he wins the nomination, conservatives will leave. Sic transit gloria Republicans.

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