Sunday Links

Gun Free Zone notes that your child’s doctor asking if you have firearms IS 100% political! 

Bookworm Room ponders Obama’s Transgender push 

Soylent has some NSFW material

Miss K has some big news 

Fausta reports that Venezuela is dying from Marxism 

Independent Sentinel has a nutty Harvard Professor

Mike McDaniel is covering the absurdity of the Freddy Gray case 

New Zeal has Trump’s latest flip flop 

Nice Deb: I think the Obama Smart Power Box is empty 

Noisy Room stands on principle 

Puma by Design: Susan Rice goes racial 

The Glittering Eye: What has happened to us?

1389 looks at the EU’s uselessness

90 Miles empowers women

Fritz: Hillary stinks

Angry Mike features some bikinis 

Animal Magnetism has a nice commencement speech

Astute Bloggers has some troubling reports from London

Feral Irishman: Flying Sharks?

Bearing Arms: Why some shooters aregoing back to hammer-fired pistols 

Bluebird of Bitterness: Good luck indeed 

By Other Means:Women and guns 

Bob Belvedere: Opportunity?

Captain’s Journal: Carpet Bagger! 

Wyblog: Is the Presidents place in our bathrooms?

Daniel Greenfield: Liberalism is an ideology for the willingly ignorant

Doug Ross: Power shaming?

EBL: Perv Alert!

Theo Spark asks if you are looking at this hot girl

The Right Way has Rule 5

The Right Scoop: When bimbos tell the truth

The Other McCain: Another Leftist crusader bites the dust

Lonely Conservative: CREEPY 

Gay Patriot: Liberal FAILS!

Goodstuffs has GOOD STUFF!

Big Fur Hat: Face it, college sucks

It Ain’t Holy Water: Hillary is evil

Rio Norte: UGH!

Public Secrets: Worst Election EVAH!

Proof Positive: Best of the Web and Friday Night Babe

Pirates Cove: If all you see………

Moonbattery: Suckers!


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