Some more thoughts on Trump, the GOP, and the future of Conservatism

Yesterday, I wrote about my struggles on what to do this November. I made it clear that voting for Hillary is never going to happen, and that voting for Trump is nearly as distasteful. I wrote this

I realize that there are some of us who will go the #NeverTrump route, others will vote AGAINST the evil that Hillary represents. Yes, I said evil. Hillary is a Marxist, and Marxism is evil, perhaps the greatest evil ever visited upon this world. Anyone who denies this is either willingly evil or so ignorant as to be used by evil.

I deeply admire and respect the folks on both sides of the Trump or not Trump divide. I will never question the patriotism or principles of any of these people. Frankly there has been enough division, we need no more. The question for me is what my course of action will be this November. And let me assure y’all that this decision has been hard. Yes, I am angry, beyond angry really, that someone who is a devoted to Constitutional principles as Ted Cruz was passed over. Once more, the GOP voters, yes, the establishment is largely to blame, but Republican voters are at fault here too, have passed over true Conservative to nominate some far less devoted to the Constitution. But, despite my anger, and as much as I deplore, and distrust Trump, as much as I despise his nasty streak, and divisive, childish temperament, I can not imagine a more disastrous fate befalling this nation than Hillary in the Oval Office. So, I guess I will invest in the worlds largest clothes pin, and vote for the GOP nominee. And, on election day, I will venture out, vote against Hillary, and then go home, take several showers, and pray for this nation to survive, and for the Republican Party, collectively, to be wise enough to nominate a true Conservative in 2020.

I also referenced two of my fellow bloggers who have reached the same decision as I have, their thoughts are well worth focusing on as they are two people I admire, and that I share many values with. Then, last night, I came across this from Jeff Goldstein. It is powerful and touches on another view of not only November 2016, but the future of the GOP as well

In an important column this morning, radio host Steve Deace spoke to the longer-term aims of what is now known as the #NeverTrump movement, and in it he all but spells out the relevant undercurrent: #NeverTrump — for conservatives, at least — isn’t some short-term political strategy to replace Trump with someone less repulsive and less inclined to shockingly frank authoritarian impulses. Instead, it’s a long-term political goal, one that recognizes that there is very little left the GOP has to offer actual conservatives, and that the GOPe’s prior ploys to water-down to an Oliver Twistian-gruel the conservative label have allowed progressive populists to declare conservatism’s failures in the absence of a real conservative referent, as well as to tether — to the ill-informed and intellectually incurious — Constitutionalists like Ted Cruz to the institutional rot at the heart of GOP establishment he has demonstrably and vigorously fought against, be it for religious liberty, the 2A in his Heller amicus, or for US sovereignty in Medellin.

So the question becomes, what are Republicans to do with a Republican party that would allow a progressive populist boasting Mondale’s trade policy and McGovern foreign policy — that is, a leftist Democrat that looks for all the world like an angry and retouched Circus Peanut — to carry its flag? And the answer is simple: get the hell out and don’t look back.

Half a decade ago I wrote about the American revolutionary impulse as an atmosphere of sorts, something that could disappear and reappear under a variety of labels as establishment elites in both parties sought to destroy each new uprising. At the time, the TEA Party was working within the GOP to try to regain our Constitutional moorings, and true to its self-interested insularity, the GOP establishment, having first pretended to embrace this movement, was getting to work infiltrating it, undermining it, and — as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell famously vowed, buoyed by Trump money — hoping to “crush” it.

If this primary season taught movement conservatives any one thing, it’s this: there is little to be gained working within the GOP for conservative and classical liberal ends. The Party stands for nothing; it is the playground for opportunists and hucksters, for influence peddlers and those who feed off of that particular locust swarm, be they media parasites or recently unearthed Republican relics looking to resurrect their political fortunes. And so it follows — for me, at least — that the time is now finally right to break free. We needed first to try the controlled demolition of a TEA Party insurgency. That having been rebuffed, we can in good conscience — and with a sense of righteous resolve — move on to more aggressive ground clearing.

Powerful thoughts, and I share a large number of them. I do not think that the current GOP is capable of ever fixing itself, no matter how hard we, the Republicans wish it to. So, what is next? What is the solution? How can we transform, or recreate a truly principled, Constitutionally focused party without allowing the Democrats to run roughshod and take almost complete power? Like it or not the current GOP is the only alternative to the Neo-Marxist Democratic Party. A party that seeks to eradicate our constitution, federalism, individual liberty, and everything else our Founders fought to establish.

So, again how would we accomplish our goal? I would say it is the principles we need. Without principles, nothing matters. Jeff lays out a simple, six-point plan I think most Conservatives could accept with smiling faces

Six items. Listed. Cleanly, clearly, in a form even those reared on PowerPoint can readily digest. For a party as yet unnamed. That’s all that’s necessary to lay out the makings of a new movement, I believe — one that isn’t really new at all but rather has been bracketed by the “progress” of the Gramscian long march the left has deployed to devalue American Exceptionalism, and that too many of the “right” have either adopted or surrendered to. Here are those six items, in no particular order:

1) Individual liberty
2) Federalism and representative republicanism
3) Constitutionalism
4) Judicial originalism
5) National sovereignty
6) Free-market capitalism

Sounds like what the Founders envisioned to me, and these are, again, Conservatives, and most Libertarians would embrace. Go read all of what Jeff has on this. He goes into greater detail about these six pillars, and makes some excellent points. These points are all simple to grasp, as were the principles of our Founders. They are simple because they come from wisdom.

My only concern would be how many Americans would embrace them? Certainly many of us are far more indoctrinated than educated. And so many Americans are dependent on, or benefit from, or maybe I should say think they benefit from the growing scope of government in some way. And so many vote from perceived self-interest than from principled positions. I hold no doubt that such policies would truly life all ships by removing our greatest obstacle to prosperity, an out of control government. But, is that even possible given the mindset of so many Americans?

3 thoughts on “Some more thoughts on Trump, the GOP, and the future of Conservatism”

  1. There is a simple choice.
    If you dislike the second amendment vote Hillary or don’t vote.
    If you like the second amendment Trump has a written platform that people who believe in the second amendment can enthusiastically support.
    If we lose the supreme court, everything is lost forever. Trump is going to publish a list of Conservative Nominees that he will pick from. This will secure any doubts about the makeup of the supreme court under Trump.
    In four years, or eight years, Trump will be gone, and we will continue our struggle with Liberals and Marxists.
    If Hillary gets elected, the struggle will be over, forever.

    1. No doubt Hillary would do even more damage than Obama has. I pray Trump has at least some Conservative principles.

  2. Here is the bottom line. Those six platforms are basically what the GOP has already had for it’s platform for years. The issue is, how to put those principles to work for the American people. Trump has harnessed some of those principles in the issues he has presented. Americans do not trust politicians anymore, including Cruz, for a variety of reasons, and no, I am not going to bother with those reasons. That is settled now with Trump being the presumptive nominee. Cruz was my “2d choice”. He lost. It is time to go forward and try to attempt to destroy the radical Democrat liberal Marxist socialist COMMUNIST train that has destroyed this country almost completely the last 115 years. Trump is the right answer for these times. We need a wrecking ball, to dismantle all that has been done. I hope that he is exactly that. If he can only do a few things such as end the deadly trade pacts that have destroyed American manufacturing, the jobs associated with that, and the business that goes along with big manufacturing plants in an area, secondly get the illegal immigration issue to an end once and for all, get the RIGHT CONSTITUTIONAL justices set on the US Supreme Court during his presidency, Trump will have done more than all the “so called conservatives” the last 115 years, all by himself. If some folks cannot see this for what it is, may we never have known you…

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