Pragmatism, Principles, and what to do this November

Everyone by now knows that I deplore Trump. I have given many reasons, as have many other Constitutional Conservatives. I realize that there are some of us who will go the #NeverTrump route, others will vote AGAINST the evil that Hillary represents. Yes, I said evil. Hillary is a Marxist, and Marxism is evil, perhaps the greatest evil ever visited upon this world. Anyone who denies this is either willingly evil or so ignorant as to be used by evil.

I deeply admire and respect the folks on both sides of the Trump or not Trump divide. I will never question the patriotism or principles of any of these people. Frankly there has been enough division, we need no more. The question for me is what my course of action will be this November. And let me assure y’all that this decision has been hard. Yes, I am angry, beyond angry really, that someone who is a devoted to Constitutional principles as Ted Cruz was passed over. Once more, the GOP voters, yes, the establishment is largely to blame, but Republican voters are at fault here too, have passed over true Conservative to nominate some far less devoted to the Constitution. But, despite my anger, and as much as I deplore, and distrust Trump, as much as I despise his nasty streak, and divisive, childish temperament, I can not imagine a more disastrous fate befalling this nation than Hillary in the Oval Office. So, I guess I will invest in the worlds largest clothespin, and vote for the GOP nominee. And, on election day, I will venture out, vote against Hillary, and then go home, take several showers, and pray for this nation to survive, and for the Republican Party, collectively, to be wise enough to nominate a true Conservative in 2020.

Y’all should check out the thoughts of two of my favorite bloggers, and thinkers, Bookworm Room, and Mike McDaniel, who are also looking at clothespins it would seem. Here are snippets from both

Bookworm Room

Having thought about it a lot, I’m about to commit what many will believe is heresy:  I believe conservatives should suck it up and vote for Trump so as to avoid a hard Left presidency.  Trying to save the Republicanparty at this juncture is an intellectual and practical dead-end, akin to doing CPR on a pulse-free heart attack victim even as the sarin gas is leaking under the door, through the keyhole, and over the transom.

As a predicate to my argument, let me say two things.  First, the more I know of Trump as a person, the less I like him.  He is rude, crude, coarse, mean, and vicious.  I think that he speaks to everything that is low in the human condition.  Second, I deeply respect those who are stating a principled opposition to a Trump presidency, men such as David French, George Will, and Ben Sasse.

Respecting them, though, doesn’t mean that I think these men, and other like-minded people, are making the right call. From where I sit, the mere fact that Donald Trump was nominated means that theRepublican Party is already dead.  We can drag it around for a bit, and dress it up nicely, but it’s still a rotting corpse and one that cannot be resuscitated.

Mike McDaniel

But Clinton could be indicted! That’s possible, but considering that the entire Democrat establishment is a thinly veiled criminal enterprise, it’s unlikely. Even if Clinton were indicted, she and her supporters—which includes the entire lamestream media—would remind us that she is innocent until proved guilty, and they’re sure the charges will be dropped, she’ll be acquitted, it’s all a vast right wing conspiracy, etc. Does any sentient being really believe, after the lawlessness of Barack Obama and the conditioning of the American people to accept such, that a mere indictment would disqualify a Democrat, particularly a Clinton, who everyone knows to be irredeemably corrupt, from public office? Corruption and lawlessness are practically qualifications for Democrat office holders, circa 2016. No one should hold out hope that Clinton will be forced out.

But Trump could say or do something that would disqualify him. Some skeleton in his closet could be revealed, and that would be it. There is no question there is a double standard with such things, and that the media will extensively, and with righteous indignation, cover every pimple of Trump’s, while ignoring irrefutable video, documentary and e-mail evidence of Hillary’s corruption. Besides, Trump was right when he said he could murder someone in public and it wouldn’t matter a whit to his supporters. Trump university, his many dalliances, his boorishness, vulgarity, general cluelessness, none of that matters. While it is always possible that Trump might decide, for no particular reason understandable by the general public, that he really doesn’t want to be president and withdraw, no one should hold out hope that Trump will be forced out, or voluntarily withdraw.

And don’t hold out hope for a convention miracle. There will be no viable third party candidate, no conservative savior coming out of nowhere to win on a second, third or tenth ballot. Of course it’s possible, in the sense it’s possible I’ll grow magnificent breasts and become a starlet by tomorrow, but I wouldn’t advise anyone to hold their breath waiting. No one else is going to be the 2016 Republican nominee.

With what does this leave us?

Anger—no, rage?



The certainty that America is destined for precipitous decline?

The choice of voting for evils barely different in kind and intensity?

Civil war?

It’s easy to think ill of others. It’s very easy to think anyone willing to vote for Donald Trump, anyone that thinks him a great candidate for president, an idiot or worse, but that won’t help those that hoped for a better candidate. It won’t help Trump supporters, and it won’t help America. We all make mistakes. We are all taken in. Thankfully, most people will forgive us for most mistakes. America is all about second chances, and we would do well to allow such to others in this bizarre election year.

We have to think short, medium and long term if we are to have any hope of salvaging the American experiment. We have to do it without rancor, and with clear, inquisitive minds.

The Lesser Evil:

Some now suggest we have to vote for the lesser of two evils. I, more and more, find myself voting for the person I think likely to do the least direct damage to the Constitution. It may sound like the same thing, but the difference is important.

Make sure you go read both in their entirety and pray one day we can elect someone as wise as these two bloggers

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