Your Must-Read Piece of the Day!

By Mike McDaniel who is a national treasure. If you do not read his latest on the moral retardation of the whole “White-Privilege” idiocy, then you are likely a Trump supporter who drives slow in the left lane, wears your sunglasses indoors, and does not tip. Read it HERE! Here is a snippet

As regular readers will doubtless remember, I have often written about leftist ideology. Paramount in leftist thought—such as it is—is the principle that leftist policies, no matter how idiotic on their face, no matter how spectacularly and often they fail, can never be wrong. They’re not wrong; the people who thought that were mistaken. This unfortunate tendency to double down on disaster was nowhere in greater evidence of late than at the 17thannual White Privilege Conference held in Philadelphia.

I was not aware that there had been 16 prior conferences, but that omission is no doubt due to my white privilege. And to think: I’ve been missing out on 16 years of self-flagellation for working my buns off my entire life and believing the world owed me nothing at all, despite my general blue-eyed, pale-skinned whiteness.

One would think such a conference would be a safe and diversity-friendly place, however, as John Belushi used to say: “but noooooooooooooo! Consider the horrific reality from participants of the conference, courtesy of

Go read the rest! The unchecked rage, and bitterness of the loons who embrace this White-Privilege nonsense is simply unfathomable 

5 thoughts on “Your Must-Read Piece of the Day!”

      1. You’re just saying that because of your white privilege!
        It’s the perfect comeback, really. Whatever argument you make, other than rolling over and playing dead, it’s because of your white privilege! You should apologize! Heh.

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