Greta van Susteren, The Marxist Moron of the Day

It takes a lot to win one of my Marxist Moron Awards. To emerge with one of these, an individual has to possess a level of cluelessness, and must be completely unaware of history, and common sense. Great van Susteren is an unlikely winner, I never thought she would be so out of touch with reality as to suggest we can curb gangs and criminals by “controlling bullets” Yes, really. As Daniel John Sobieski at American Thinker notes, Greta just jumped into the Pit of Eternal Stupidity, with shovel in hand

It is not a novel idea — the notion that the route to gun control is not by attacking the right to bear arms which the U.S. Supreme Court has declared to be both an individual and a national right, but to use that old standby, regulation, to dry up the supply of bullets. It was that idea that was endorsed by Fox News host Greta Van Susteren when she appeared on ABC’s “This Week”:

When I practiced law in the District of Columbia, very strict gun laws. And every single one of my clients could get a gun. The guns are out there. They are all over. And you can create all the laws you want, but all the guns are out there. They’re going to be coming in through black markets. And so we’re not being very realistic that all of a sudden putting — changing the laws is going to change anything.

The guns are there. If you really want to regulate you’ve got to be a little bit smarter, maybe regulate ammunition so that people can’t use their guns. That’s the smart thing.

That is “smart” she says. In what alternate universe is this anything but a useless undertaking that will affect, only the law abiding while doing absolutely nothing to stop violent criminals? My goodness van Susteren even states the obvious reason why this will not work when she says “And you can create all the laws you want, but all the guns are out there. They’re going to be coming in through black markets”.

Exactly Greta, exactly. So why are we to believe that somehow criminals who can get guns despite laws, can not also get ammo for said guns? Does the black market only work on guns and not bullets? Good Freaking Grief this woman has only one oar in the water. As Sobieski notes, this tactic has been tried, and, predictably, had all the success of a screen door in a submarine

The Obama administration has already tried this very tactic of achieving gun control through regulation of ammunition and actually it’s a pretty dumb thing. As Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) editorialized:

Attempts to reinstate the ineffective and expired 1994 Assault Weapons ban, which targeted “scary-looking” guns, failed. So the Obama administration decided to go after the bullets that the AR-15 uses, reclassifying AR-15 ammo as an armor-piercing “NATO round” more fit for combat than self-defense or hunting.

The problem is, police don’t agree. They dismiss the 5.56mm M855 as not being a significant threat, with no record of use in violent crime.

Well, darn, if we cannot control guns because bad people will break laws and get them anyway, and “bullet control” is as well advised as kissing a rattlesnake, what can we ever do? How about we embrace reality, yes, reality. You know reality, which teaches us that the sky is blue, water is wet, and that more guns DO equal less crime. The number of firearms in law-abiding hands has steadily risen in the last 25 years, so have CHL laws, and constitutional carry laws and violent crime, homicides, etc. have fallen over that same period. HMMMMMM that whole embracing reality could be a fruitful venture.

While we are at it, we could look at harsher punishments for thugs, you know, maybe no early release of lenient sentences for truly dangerous individuals? In fact, I believe that those locked up in prison are not very likely to be robbing, assaulting, or killing. Funny how simple that is huh?

Heck maybe, just maybe we could accept another reality. Gun-free zones, you know, areas the Left thinks are safer because of a sign, are where almost all mass shootings happen. We might also accept that hundreds of thousands of Americans use firearms in self-defense every year. And, yes someone ought to inform Greta van Susteren that those guns require bullets. Again, reality!


6 thoughts on “Greta van Susteren, The Marxist Moron of the Day”

  1. The idea is even more stupid when you look at the numbers of bullets versus firearms. We have at least 300 million firearms in the United States. It is likely that we have closer to 400 million thanks to the efforts of our POTUS. For these numerous weapons we have billions upon billions of rounds of ammunition. The numbers are mind boggling. There will never be a means of controlling the supply that will impact what is already out there and will never be surrendered. She needs to stop with the nonsense.

    One final nail in the coffin. There is quite the cottage industry of reloading ammunition by firearms enthusiasts that bypasses all of this and assures that even if all the ammunition suppliers ceased to exist tomorrow that a lot of ammunition could still be made for years to come.

    She is too stupid to recognize that the only accepted and permissible firearms and ammunition will be in the hands of governments, which have a piss poor record with regards to recognizing human rights. The recent examples of democides are Nazi Germany, USSR, communist China, Turkey, Cambodia, Vietnam, and various loser ME and African nations. Frankly she needs to take a history and economics lesson and shut up.

  2. Where the hell do they learn how to talk out of the sides of thier mouth.Atfirst I felt sorry for her cuase she looked like she got hit with a mack truck till I seen the other dyke on msnbc doing the same thing and then I saw the guy there doing it WTF.

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