Trump and the Politics of Victimhood

There is something very seductive about pity parties isn’t there? For many people, it seems, being a victim is the highest achievement possible. Not being an actual victim, of course, but simply feeling like, acting like, and pretending to be a victim. It is empowering somehow to the narcissistic. Oh, the glory of victimhood!

We see it in college students who whine about needing a “safe space” every time they are “victimized” by hearing a differing point of view. We have seen it in the Black Lives Matter fraud, where every action by criminals is justified, and every action by police in enforcing the law is RAAAAACISM!  Lord knows we have seen it played in the political realm for decades now. Usually, it has been the Left that has played that game, in fact the Left’s sole strategy is to create more and more “victims”to garner votes, and more power. Ah, but the Left is not alone in their victim creating  anymore.

Enter Donald Trump, he is a victim. We know he is a victim because every time he loses at anything, like primaries or caucuses, he screams and whines that he was cheated/screwed/done wrong/treated unfairly/VICTIMIZED! This is his biggest selling point it seems. It certainly isn’t policy or ideals, is it” face it most of Trump’s “ideals” have the intellectual depth of a dried up mud puddle, but that is not important to his true believers. No, only one thing matters to them. And, sadly that one thing is false victimhood. They are victims, and Trump is their only hope but he is being victimized.

Trump simply does not lose, at anything, you see, just ask him. He will tell you how great he is. And, if he does lose, well Ted Cruz cheated him, or the GOP cheated him, he was cheated in Wisconsin by rigged voting machines or Colorado cheated him by “disenfranchising” voters. Boy, sounds a lot like Liberal excuses doesn’t it? Maybe Trump needs a giant safe space, complete with lots of spray tan. Of course, his true followers will recoil, and be victimized (of course) because I point out that they are acting like Liberals, and using liberal tactics.

See it does not matter that Colorado was won by Cruz with better campaigning not be not allowing voters to vote. They did vote in Colorado, and Trump lost. His supporters could simply accept that fact, and understand that each state gets to set its own rules, and that these rules were in place for nearly a year before Trump lost and went on a whining binge . They could do that, but come on man, playing the victim is like so great! Facts are hard, self-pity based on ignorance of our political system, and a perverse need to be a victim is easy! William Teach emphasizes my point here by referencing Trumps piece in the Wall Street Journal

The great irony of this campaign is that the “Washington cartel” that Mr. Cruz rails against is the very group he is relying upon in his voter-nullification scheme.

My campaign strategy is to win with the voters. Ted Cruz’s campaign strategy is to win despite them.

Just as I have said that I will reform our unfair trade, immigration and economic policies that have also been rigged against Americans, so too will I work closely with the chairman of the Republican National Committee and top GOP officials to reform our election policies. Together, we will restore the faith—and the franchise—of the American people.

Teach’s retort is dead on

Here he shows that he has no clue how the system works. The individual states pick how they’re nomination process works, with some input from the national GOP. It sure appears as if Trump wants to implement a centralized government solution in creating a one size fits all method.

Ah yes, how true. But who cares about the principles of Federalism? The principles of the Constitution, who needs them! Trump supporters believe he will do the things they want done, and they really do not care how he would do them. Principles? They don’t need no stinking principles! Dammit can’t we see they are VICTIMS! And they want payback! If that means the federal government takes over all state elections, fine with them! Narcissist much Trumpers?

I close with a bit of what Jeff Goldstein writes about his frustration with the Trumpers. Jeff sums up a lot of my feelings.

If you are a Trump supporter you learned nothing from this site, nothing from me, nothing from conservatism, nothing from Classical Liberalism, nothing from constitutionalism, nothing from the entrenched establishment dominance over our vote and our lives, nothing about federalism, nothing about a party system, and nothing about morality, ethics, or consistency. You missed every point about the necessity of retaking language and tethering meaning to its source.

Instead, you’ve embraced the most vulgar form of progressive populism and paranoid isolationism. You’ve embraced the very anti-foundationalism and Alinsky tactics that animate and enable the leftist epistemological paradigm, all in the service of a fraud. You have thrown in — whether you like it or not — with people who have repeatedly accused me of being a puppet of the establishment, a “kike,” a “cuck,” and a race traitor, despite my having worked for years to upend the GOP establishment, to fight the scourge of anti-assimilationist multiculturalism and immigration, to expose the fraud of the diversity project and academic leftism dressed up as pragmatism, to expose the political cynicism of racialism, and to detail the mechanisms behind identity politics’ infiltration into our political orthodoxies at the level of established “truths.”

I have fifteen years worth of archives to speak to my intellectual honesty and commitment to principle. I am proud of those efforts.

Yet now, per Geoff B, I am evidently part of a communist-like party organization in Colorado that “stole” delegates from a doddering old Viagra ad who couldn’t be bothered to show up to speak or put together a ground game in a caucus state which voted a number of times, including on March 1, when any registered R was able to attend and vote.

That’s right. I’m part of the GOP Colorado “establishment” — 40% of whom never participated in a caucus before and the overwhelming number of which went for Ted Cruz, who just a couple short years ago we all recognized as a principled opponent to the GOP ruling elite (before he became a Bushy globalist Canadian fake Christian, who loves amnesty and will likely, left unchecked, become the author of a New World Order run by transnational progressives from his perch atop the North American Union).

This charge against me and against other movement conservatives in my state comes despite the fact that as a pre-condition to ratification of the Constitution, states insisted they be allowed to maintain their own election rules, and despite how our CO state caucus system, which we’ve had since 1912 or thereabouts, requires commitment, work, a series of elections, and in the end, actually picked a real Republican in the GOP primaries. Colorado for a few years held a non-binding straw poll. But we are not and haven’t been a primary state. You are being lied to. And those doing the lying and hiding behind eagle pictures or pictures of Trump in armor ready to battle the Mexican hordes are, in a very real respect, advocating for a position that is (per the Framers) un-American.

You really need to go read the whole piece by Jeff. It is passionate, powerful, and much needed.

By the way, I suppose I should note that this post will, no doubt, cause great outbreaks of Offendeditis and also great butthurt amongst the Trumpers. I recognize that I likely have caused them to run and hide in their “safe spaces” where they will eat crayons, read Ann Coulter Tweets don their tin foil hats with “Make America Great Again” pasted on them, and curse me as a “RINO” who supports a Canadian Globalist who eats children, or something Yes, I know, I know. By pointing out hard facts I have deeply offended them, but they ought to be happy. I have made them feel like victims, and victimhood to them is better than sex. Maybe they could be glad I made them feel like victims. They could all meet up, get freaky, tie each other up with Trump Ties, which are made in China by the way because the greatest deal maker EVAH, cannot find any American company to make them, which is likely Ted Cruz’s fault too, and have a Pity Orgy!

17 thoughts on “Trump and the Politics of Victimhood”

  1. Tried to watch Fox this morning and it was in the middle of a Trump Bitch-a-thon, I just had to turn it off. I was a big fan of Fox but I have been watching it less and less as this election season wears on, mainly because of so many times they have Trump on bitching all the time.

    Pleeeeeeeease, someone start a new Conservative channel so I can actually watch something without getting sick.

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