8 thoughts on “Thursday DaleyBabe Jaina Lee Ortiz”

      1. LOL Do not watch much TV, Agents of Shield on Hulu, I did watch Sleepy Hollow some very hot gals on that show, but they killed off the lead woman, so I am out

      2. I watch Agents of Shield when I can. I never got into Sleepy Hollow, when in episode one, this Revolutionary War era soldier talked about “triage” at Washington’s hospital tent. I believe the term was coined by the French around WWI.

      3. It was a good show, paid a lot of respect to the Founders. In the show, both Franklin and Jefferson were both delighted that the lead Abbie Mills, played by Nicole Beharie, who is Black, was a police officer, and Franklin called her the American Dream.Of course Jefferson hit on her! Cannot blame him.

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